Cocktail for the weekend, Pinckney Bend it is!!

A pre-made  Pinckney Bend Gin and Tonic in the can
I know this is KCBeerBlog, and I’m not talking about beer or Kansas City today, but stick with me until the end of this essay. It’s worth the 5 minutes of your life. I’ve discussed all the changes in consumers drinking habits with hard seltzers and cocktails in a can. Now I have finally found the unicorn of cocktails in a can. It is Pinckney Bend canned Gin and Tonic (Prounounced Pink knee). While their gin is amazing and has won multiple awards, what really sets their distillery apart is their tonic syrup. Per their website “It is also the only tonic syrup on the planet developed specifically to harmonize with the flavor profile of a companion gin.” What I love best about this Tonic syrup, is the ability to titrate the sweetness and it’s plethora of uses. You can use it as an adjunct in multiple drink recipes, but my two personal favorites are their traditional Gin and Tonic with a lime and a muddled cucumber or a Pinckney Lady, if you want to get creative this weekend. They even make a cask finshed gin , a Navy strength gin and are on the Hibiscus wagon with their hibiscus gin.

Now onto a little bit of history of the distillery. Pinckney Bend is located in New Haven, Missouri, (also the former home of Second Shift Brewing before their move to St. Louis) just a short drive from the winery and bachelorette destination of Hermann, Missouri. So, the next time your significant other drags you to Hermann, drag them to New Haven, it’s well worth the short detour. The distillery is open daily from 12-6 pm for tastings and tours and gets its name from the defunct river town of Pinckney, Missouri. The name was also inspired from a note in the diary of William Clark, yes that William Clark, when He bought 2 gallons of whiskey from a local citizen for $8 in 1806, after a pretty famous expedition. Adjusted for inflation that would be $168 today, no wonder he complained about the price. The distillery was founded by 3 friends Tom, Jerry, and Ralph, when they wanted to take the homebrewing/home distilling hobby big time. They officially opened for business in 2011 and promptly won the Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2012. Their spirits are available at most liquor stores throughout the metro area. If you are looking to mix things up this weekend and get away from the beer, Pinckney Bend is a great addition to any liquor cabinet.

Brett A. Myces

Everything you need for a great Gin and Tonic

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