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Holidaily Brewing. Gluten-Free beer coming to KC!!!!

H olidaily brewing is coming to Kansas City, and bringing all of its gluten-free love with it. If you are gluten intolerant or happen to know anyone who is, then you know that the craft beer options are usually very limited. Starting on March 15th, Holidaily brewing company is coming to the rescue. Holidaily is a 100% gluten-free brewery in Golden, Colorado. By keeping the entire brewery gluten-free they avoid any cross contamination, and their malt bill consists of millet and buckwheat. Holidaily was founded by Karen Hertz in 2016, after she adopted a gluten-free diet, and realized there are very limited options. They will be distributing throughout the entire state of Kansas, and also in Kansas City, Missouri. They currently brew 4 yearly beers , Favorite Blonde Ale, Fat Randy’s IPA, Big Henry Hazy IPA, and Riva Stout, along with three seasonals. I have had the Blonde and the two IPA’s and Big Henry is my favorite, if you did not tell me it was gluten-free I would not have no

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