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Short Pours: Missouri Craft Beer (Urban Chestnut) on National TV

Here is another guest post from older brother K. E. Myces, for your reading pleasure.

Brett A. Myces

I love the show Superstore (Trailer from Season One). It is funny, easy to watch, and takes place in Missouri (STL). So when I saw Urban Chestnut beer on the shelves of the Superstore, I was really excited! The level of excitement when you were a kid and you see someone you know on the news. The level of excitement when a friend is on the Chief’s game broadcast. The 3rd Myces Brother still talks about the time he was on with the tailgating photo.

Urban Chestnut is a German brewery in STL. It is very well know and you can find their bottles around KC area. The story goes that the brewers were upset that InBev bought out Anheuser-Busch , and started their own German Brewery. Mrs. Myces is from STL and we usually visit a new brewery every time we are home. I was able to hit up Urban Chestnut this spring at a conference, and it did not disappoint.

If you are a fan of KCB…

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