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A Public Service Announcement from KCBeerBlog: Covid-19 Sucks!! How and Where to Drink Local!

What a difference a month makes. A mere 30 days ago, we were playing debate drinking games, counting down until Parkville Beerfest, getting in practice time for the beer mile, trying new shuffleboard strategies in preparation for the Boulevard championship tournament, and figuring out where to drink the greenest beer. Now all the fun has been put on indefinite hold.
It’s going to be fine, most of our readers had too much of a beer/liquor hoard anyway. Who this really affects are the immunocompromised, any customer and essential service employees/health care providers/ etc, and parents trying to learn how to home-school their kids on the fly.

Now that going to your local watering hole for a beer isn't an option, find your couch, relax, drink a few beers, and call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a couple years.  I know drunk dials are so 2004, but everyone still appreciates the occasional drunk dial, plus the alternative is drinking by yourself. If you don't want to talk,…

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