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Join the AHA 'cause Brett Myces said so!! And you get great discounts too.

Anyone who knows anyone from the Myces family knows we are always looking for a good deal. Some people might call us cheap, frugal, or thrifty. I won’t deny any of these terms, but I tend to use the politically correct term, fiscally responsible. As you know we are always searching for a good happy hour ($3 Zombie Monkey at Tallgrass Taphouse) or great beer deal via our passport. So last week when the KCBeerBlog crew (Brett and Moe) had happy hour with the KCHopTalk crew, the conversation turned to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and the perks of joining the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).

Being a Myces I was totally disappointed in myself that I’ve lived in KC for over a decade and didn’t know these perks existed. There are over 2,300 beer, food, and homebrew discounts available all throughout the United States. A huge perk for anyone that travels as much as I do and bases most of their vacations around great beer. Now I am spreading my new-found wealth of knowl…

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