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Naturdays: Today's Sign of the Apocalypse

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” -Sir Winston Churchill

As the multinational-conglomerate, watered-down, cheap beer industry continues to lose market share, they must continue to find newer and cheesier gimmicks. After the MillerCoors epic failure of Two Hats, one should realize that adding fruit to bong-water, calling it beer, then trying to market it to 22 year olds on an indigent budget is as good of an idea as taking an alligator wrestling class. Not only was this beer nastier than a baby's diaper, but it was a horrible business decision. Now another multinational-conglomerate, watered-down, cheap beer brewer (A-B InBev) is trying the same thing. Only this time they are calling it Naturdays.

So what exactly is a Naturday? Naturday is a spin off of Natural light, better known as Natty Light, Nasty Natty, or piss in a can. Most of the readers here will recognize Natty Light from their adolescence, largely because it was the beer you drank as a pre-…

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