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The KCBeerBlog Presidential Debate Drinking Game

  This article is written to be satirical so please don’t take these rules literally, and if you do decide to play a drinking game during the debate, please drink responsibly. After watching the first presidential debate and all of the jackassery that came with it, I decided it was time to prepare a KCBeerBlog drinking game to make this spectacle easier to watch. First, I would suggest picking your candidate ahead of time by wearing a red shirt if you are for Trump, a blue shirt for Biden, undecideds can wear white.  As for the beer to drink, go with one from your candidate's home state, Biden, Dogfish Head , Trump, Brooklyn Brewing or Cigar City since He lives in both states.  Undecided voters, can drink any beer you want, but keep it American owned please, and make sure it is a low ABV you never know what this debate will bring.   Trump Supporters take a drink If Trump says “China Virus” or “Kung Flu” Hunter Biden is mentioned,  Shotgun your beer if He gives Hunter a nickname

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