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Only Beer For Lent, This Man Should Be a Myces

“So when the devil says to you, ‘Do not drink,’ answer him: ‘I will drink, and right freely, just because you tell me not to.’ One must always do what Satan forbids.”
— Martin Luther

As Lent is almost over, a lot gave up something for the season. Traditional ideas are generally a certain food, alcohol, or even sex. Now Del Hall, an employee at Fifty West Brewing in Cincinnati, Ohio, is going to survive ONLY on beer and water. He says he got his inspiration from 17th century monks, who drank their “liquid bread.” He will be following up with a doctor routinely, and documenting his quest on social media. I must confess I have only gone a single evening on beer alone, though there was the epic Spring Break of 2006, when I “allegedly” went 5 days on beer alone. I certainly wish Mr. Hall well and look forward to tracking his progress.

Update: As of this writing for Task and Purpose, Mr. Hall had lost 25 pounds.

Brett A. Myces

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