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Great Beer, Great Cause, Let's Support our Troops!

Beer for a great cause and yet another reason I love this industry. If you have never been to the National Mall in Washington D.C. it is an amazing experience and is something everyone needs to see at least once. As you are walking through all of the memorials honoring our fallen soldiers you will notice there is not one for Operation Desert Storm or Desert Shield. Now Bold Republic Brewing in Belton, Texas is helping to solve this problem. Before ground can be broken on the memorial $40 million dollars needs to be raised. In order to help expedite this venture, Bold Republic is brewing Captain Jack Beer with a release party on July 6th.

Captain Jack was the father of owner Adrian Hodges. Jack was in the reserves when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, but volunteered to serve anyway. Unfortunately his helicopter crashed and he became the first Gulf War officer buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Inspired by the success of Sierra Nevada Resilience IPA, Bold Republic is donatin…

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