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¡Vamos! Mexican-Style lager is gone, what will the replacement be?

Earlier in the month, Boulevard made a couple of announcements regarding beers for 2020. You can read it for yourselves, but the two biggest headlines were Saison-Brett is coming back this year! Can I get a Hell Yeah!

The other big news was the discontinuation of ¡Vamos! Mexican-Style Lager. I will miss ¡Vamos!, but luckily there are plenty of Mexican Lagers in the market for our summer thirst.

With ¡Vamos! gone, “What is going to be the Royals collaboration?” BLVD won’t release these details but they did release a teaser in their press release. You can see a picture of the cans on the canning line, and if you zoom in closely you can see a letter “e.” After consulting my encyclopedia of beer styles there are not very many that end in “e.” I narrowed it down to four choices: Double, Triple, Bier de Garde, and Blonde.

The first one I ruled out was Bier de Garde. I know Boulevard likes its European beer styles, but I don’t really see this style meshing with summer baseball games…

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