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The Final Countdown to Parkville!!!!

The final countdown is on, it is less than 48 hours from Parkville Beerfest, and I am getting pumped! As a reminder, it is at Platte Landing Park this year, due to the floods. Check out their website for all the pertinent information. Their beer list has been released by Untappd, so as any professional athlete would know, you need to formulate a game plan, prior to arrival. Patrick Mahomes doesn’t show up on game day, without reading the scouting report does He? So here are the Myces recommendations, and remember they are always subject to change. I will not disclose my order of tastings to prevent a line from the swarms of people following my lead.

Blind Tiger: Maibock and Guten Tag Helles, along with the usual asking for a side of Dave’s Dip, and hopefully they will have the guy with the beer dispensing backpack
BLVD: Boss Tom’s and Rye to the 4th power, because who doesn’t need a 15% beer at beerfest
Burr Oak: Hoppen- Daz Mango Milkshake IPA
Call Sign: All of their beers
Crane: See abov…

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