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The Evolution of the Brewery Tour. What's your favorite brewery tour?

I'm sure this will surprise most of our loyal readers, but some of the greatest stories the Myces’ brothers share are based on brewery tours. I can remember back when BLVD had a basketball hoop where the bottling line is, and you would meet back at the old gift shop after the tour and enjoy 15-30 minutes, to ̶c̶h̶u̶g̶ taste as much beer as your palate would allow. #GloryDays Then, there was the first and last BLVD Smokestack tour the 3 Myces men joined. Periodically throughout the tour they would open an entire 750 ml bottle to share with the group. We figured out rather quickly that the last person with the bottle got the rest of it. With only 6 people pouring a taste, you can do some quick math and realize how much the last person tasted. After the 4th round, it turned into the best tour ever for us, but the worst for our guide.

The best or worst part of the tour, depending on your perspective, was watching a 21 year old younger brother B. A. Myces attempting a selfie at Moun…

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