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5 Video Games to Pair With Beer Sitting in Your Fridge Right Now!

This is a guest blog from Luke V.  He's a social media manager by day, beer drinker and gamer by night.  Hopefully we can talk him into becoming a regular blogger for us.  This is a great read for any gamers out there, My one complaint is a lack of beer to pair with the Resident Evil games or their new remakes.
Cheers, Brett A. Myces
Notorious brewery Dogfish Head opened the floodgates of hobby beer pairing when they suggested brewskis could be paired to the sounds of Guns n Roses on a 45 rpm vinyl, ie, the birth of Beer To Drink Music To. Ever since, breweries such as 4Hands, Ballast Point, Founders, and even Boulevard have suggested their own beer could be paired with certain types of music. That got me thinking “What’s stopping us from pairing beer with the entertainment that will turn us into this in 20 years?”

You’ve probably done it before without thinking about it. Remember when you and your friends started up Mario Kart with a case of Miller High Life? Or when you and your f…

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