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CrossRoadsKC Craft Beer Festival this Saturday!!! Official Press Release

Here is the press release regardings the CrossroadsKC Craft Beer Fest, don't forget to check out our other blog posts regarding this event.

Brett A. Myces

Pipeline Productions, Cumulus KC, and 810 WHB have teamed up to bring CrossroadsKC Craft Beer Fest back to the heart of our city on Saturday, June 29th. Boasting a staggering 30 breweries on deck from around the country and hauling in over 80 different beers, this event is sure to have something for the beer connoisseur in each and every one of us. If that isn’t enough to tickle your fancy, PetRock and Captiva will be providing live music during the event. Some of our favorite local food trucks will be onsite throughout the day. Beer tastings will run from 4-9PM with music going on from 5-11PM. Grab those tickets in advance to save yourself a couple bucks! Tickets can be purchased online at and in person at Grinders and The Bottleneck. A portion of all proceeds will go to KC Pet Project, and don’t forg…

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