5 Video Games to Pair With Beer Sitting in Your Fridge Right Now!

This is a guest blog from Luke V.  He's a social media manager by day, beer drinker and gamer by night.  Hopefully we can talk him into becoming a regular blogger for us.  This is a great read for any gamers out there, My one complaint is a lack of beer to pair with the Resident Evil games or their new remakes.

Brett A. Myces

Notorious brewery Dogfish Head opened the floodgates of hobby beer pairing when they suggested brewskis could be paired to the sounds of Guns n Roses on a 45 rpm vinyl, ie, the birth of Beer To Drink Music To. Ever since, breweries such as 4Hands, Ballast Point, Founders, and even Boulevard have suggested their own beer could be paired with certain types of music. That got me thinking “What’s stopping us from pairing beer with the entertainment that will turn us into this in 20 years?”

You’ve probably done it before without thinking about it. Remember when you and your friends started up Mario Kart with a case of Miller High Life? Or when you and your friends played Smash Bros with a case of Miller High Life? Or when you played Call of Duty Warzone online with a case of Miller High Life? This list will be like that kinda. And plus it’s not like you have anywhere to go at the moment so you’re probably gaming and drinking more than usual.

By the way, this is mainly for those who live in the Kansas City area (which KC Beer Blog implies I guess), so if you’re reading this from the town of Canadian, Oklahoma I’m sorry that you don’t have the delicious KC Craft in your area.

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
-Leinenkugal Summer Shandy
-Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler
-Any fruited beer that matches the fruit on your island

In case you’ve been living on a deserted Island the past month, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game where you’re living on a deserted island. Along with that comes real time events, friendly neighbors, and the ability to customize the island using your imagination. If you follow anyone on KC beer twitter, chances are you’ve seen at least someone mention this game multiple times. Due to the relaxed and tropic nature of this entertainment, it only makes sense to pair it with some fruity and easy to drink brews. Just let me know if your Turnip prices are above 300 please!

2. Final Fantasy VII Remake
- Founders All Day IPA
- Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale
- Whatever beer your Dad drank 23 years ago

To say that Final Fantasy VII Remake has been an anticipated title would be the understatement of the century. The original (released in 1997 on the Sony Playstation) is herald as one of the greatest Role-Playing Games of all time, even more so by the people that actually played it! From what started as a technical demo in 2005, is now an amazing nostalgia trip, back to the days of Grade School where you and your friends would huddle up to the TV and watch as you battle Shinra while sipping a beer you snuck out of your Dad’s fridge. It only makes sense that for the Remake you pair it with a beer from a brewery that got their start in 1997. Bonus points if you still sneak these beers from your Dad’s fridge.

3. Return of the Obra Dinn
- North Coast Old Rasputin
- Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout
- The Barrel Aged Beer in your cellar vintage 2013

Originally a release on the PC, this title is now available on all current generation systems. Good thing too as this may be one of the best puzzle games available right now that I have still yet to play. As such, I’ll just copy a bit of the wikipedia article. “Return of the Obra Dinn is set aboard a fictional East India Company ghost ship in the early 1800s whose crew and passengers have all mysteriously died or disappeared, with the game's objective being to discover how. The player uses a combination of deductive reasoning and the use of a Memento Mortem stopwatch to return to the moment of a crew member's death to determine the identity of each of the sixty crew members, how they died and, if applicable, their killer”. So yeah it’s very much a thinking man’s game, and like anything that gets your noggin joggin’ you need something to sip on during your experience. That’s why I suggest heavy/Barrel Aged stouts to pair with this game. When I buy this in the next 5 years I’ll let you know if that statement holds true.

4. Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
- Two 12pks of Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boys
- 30pk of Keystone Light
- All of your expired beer

You are not sober. Your opponent is not sober. These guys are not even sober. Nobody is ever sober playing Melty Blood. This beautiful abomination of God, originally released on Arcade machines in Japan, and the Playstation 2, is a co-developed Fighting game by Type-Moon and French Bread. It takes characters from the game Tsukihime and has them beat the ever loving frick out of each other. Think of it like Street Fighter meets Dragon Ball Z. This is very much an underground and obscure game with an audience known for their degeneracy to have a setup in any bathroom, playground, and even Walmart. Because of the degenerate nature of this game, it makes sense to pair it with the most degenerate of beers for you and your friends to pound until it hits 4AM. Then it’s time to bust out the heroin needles (ALLEGEDLY!).

5. Hong Kong 97
- Evil Twin Big Ass Money Stout
- Nightmare Windlass of Erasmus
- Your bottle of Hawaiian Speedway Stout from 2015

Right now you have 1 big question for me. “How did you know I had a bottle of Hawaiian Speedway Stout from 2015 in my fridge?” To answer that question, shut up. Hong Kong 97, “released” in 1995, is a shoot 'em up game in which you play as Jackie Chan Chin, who is a relative of Bruce Lee, to exterminate the 1.2 billion red communists of China, and their leader Deng Xiaoping. All while this song plays on a constant 5 second loop. If that doesn’t disgust you, the game over screen uses a picture of, allegedly, a real corpse. I would highly recommend watching this video to learn about the entire history of how this came to be, because it’s just as insane as the game itself. You may believe that anyone who plays this game should be verbally cancelled on Twitter and should be stripped of their right to vote, BUT, just like craft beer I believe we should applaud when video game developers create something incredibly weird, outlandish, and even disturbing. That’s why I suggest pairing and celebrating this game with the craziest and outlandish craft beer you can find, which includes that Evil Twin Pizza and Money beer. God bless this man for creating this art!

In case it wasn’t obvious by now this was mainly a satirical beer blog post, as I wanted to do my 1st post on the blog with something funny. Big thanks to Brett A. Myces for letting me write on the KC Beer Blog.

Luke V.

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