Prost Brewing Arrives in KC!!!

Prost variety pack.  I got thirsty and drank the rest of the beer


If you have spent the summer like the Myces crew, you have been doing most of your drinking at home, while patiently waiting for a return to some normalcy.  Unfortunately, nobody really knows what the new “normal” will look like, so we just keep plugging away looking for moral victories.  On my last stop to the liquor store I was trying to make a quick in and out to avoid covid contact while also adhering to my beer budget.  As I was running head down, mask on, hat pulled over my glasses, they started to fog like the Missouri River bottoms.  I took a brief moment to look up and wipe off the glasses, when my eyes spotted the variety pack of Prost Brewing cans. I had heard of the rumblings of their KC arrival, but ultimately wrote them off along with the rest of 2020. 

I had been familiar with Prost thanks to some Colorado friends, but have never gotten the pleasure of my palate tasting their nectar.  So of course, I bought the Prost, and the rest of my shopping list.  I hurriedly drove home with cornucopia of beers, put on my lederhosen, and listened to my favorite Oktoberfest playlist while pretending I was Great-Grandfather, Sacharo Myces, celebrating in Munich.

Their timing can’t come at a better time. Virtually all the Oktoberfest events are cancelled, and the Myces family morale was at an all time low because our Oktoberfest celebrations will be at home.  

Prost is a traditional German brewery adhering to Reinheitsgebot, better known as the German purity law.  Prost has won several medals at the GABF for their Keller Pils and Weiss Beer, and has several other beers including Maibock, Doppelbock, Marzen, Altbier, Helles, Kolsch, and Dunkel.  I have only seen their canned beer, and their variety packs of Dunkel, Marzen, Pilsner, and Kolsch in the Metro, but hopefully the rest of their lineup arrives soon.

With that being said, if you want authentic German beer, Kansas City now officially has two awesome choices,  KC Bier Company and Prost.  If you haven’t tried Prost head to your local liquor store and give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.  The one key difference between the two breweries is Prost distributes their beer in cans, but both breweries make AMAZING authentic German beer, and hopefully someday we will get a collaboration!


Brett A. Myces

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