I’ll Have a Nancy, no make it a Pirate Nancy.

This is a guest post by the oldest brother of the Myces family. Please enjoy.
Brett A. Myces

My brother Brett has been pressuring me into writing a guest blog. I live in Manhattan, Kansas and our craft beer community has been healing from our recent craft beer headlines. It got me thinking ‘what else is unique to beer in Manhattan’.

The drink called “Nancy” came to mind. A Nancy is the Old Milwaukee Beer with a splash of pineapple juice. The Nancy started at the So Long Saloon restaurant and bar in the Aggieville area of Manhattan. I found a nice article with the origin of the name, check it out.

A "Nancy" being poured at a Kansas State tailgate

My group of KSU friends love the morning tailgate. Mrs. Myces usually makes bacon deviled eggs, and I whip up some handheld biscuits and gravy. The wife wanted Nancy’s, and did not care of the beer preference. I implore all readers of KC Beer Blog to support local more and more. Instead of Old Milwaukee, I bought a 15 pack Kansas Territory Life Coach Lager, brewed in Washington, Kansas. Their lager is tasty, in cans, and is priced very similar to the macro beers. Why buy macro when you can buy local (especially at the same price)!

A "Pirate Nancy" being poured

My wife’s favorite variation of the drink is the Pirate Nancy with Malibu rum topped off. We had some peach rum, and that worked just as well. Mrs Myces and I went to Jamaica last year and had a great trip. Every morning while she was getting ready, I would stop down at the hotel bar and have a Jamaican Nancy, Red Stripe and Pineapple juices. Every employee would stop me and ask what my drink was on the way back to the room.

2 "Pirate Nancys" overlooking Jamaica

So, next time you are in Manhattan ask for a Nancy. Most bars know what the drink is. Not sure how many Nancy’s we will be able to drink on Saturday at the Sunflower Showdown due to the wind chill. But the next morning drinking session you have, consider a Manhattan favorite!

I am sure Lawrence has a “Lawrence Drink” and hopefully there is a Jayhawk fan out there, wanting to write a guest post. Does anyone else out there have signature cocktails for other college towns?

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