The KCBeerBlog Presidential Debate Drinking Game

 This article is written to be satirical so please don’t take these rules literally, and if you do decide to play a drinking game during the debate, please drink responsibly.

After watching the first presidential debate and all of the jackassery that came with it, I decided it was time to prepare a KCBeerBlog drinking game to make this spectacle easier to watch. First, I would suggest picking your candidate ahead of time by wearing a red shirt if you are for Trump, a blue shirt for Biden, undecideds can wear white.  As for the beer to drink, go with one from your candidate's home state, Biden, Dogfish Head, Trump, Brooklyn Brewing or Cigar City since He lives in both states.  Undecided voters, can drink any beer you want, but keep it American owned please, and make sure it is a low ABV you never know what this debate will bring.  

Trump Supporters take a drink

  • If Trump says “China Virus” or “Kung Flu”

  • Hunter Biden is mentioned, 

    • Shotgun your beer if He gives Hunter a nickname

  • “Fake news”

    • Chug a non-alcholic beer

  • “Huge,” “Amazing,” “Beautiful.”

  • “Rigged” or “Unfair”

  • Trump mentions an audit of his taxes

    • Audit your wallet and take a drink for every credit/debit card you have

  • Trump makes fun of Biden’s mask or mask wearing

Biden supporters take a drink

  • If "Obama" or "Obama administration" is said.

  • He mentions a mask

  • He talks about Dr. Fauci

  • “Middle Class” is said

  • Joe talks about Kamala Harris

Either candidate discusses take a drink


  • Natural disasters

    • California wildfires

    • Iowa derecho 

      • Drink double for it being almost local

    • Hurricanes

  • Stock market

    • 401K

  • Trade deficit

Some other rules

  • Everyone takes a drink if Trump is wearing red or Biden is wearing blue

  • If a candidate's microphone gets muted, do a waterfall until it is unmuted.

  • If Trump’s taxes get mentioned you can assign a drink to anyone you want.

  • If anyone mentions Russia, take a shot of vodka, and text the picture of a shirtless Putin on his horse to someone in your phone.

  • Put on your mask whenever the words “Corona Virus”, “Fauci”, “Covid”, “Vaccine”, or “Pandemic” is said and continue wearing it until one of the words is said again.  You are allowed to take your mask off to take a drink, or you can be really hardcore and cut a hole for a straw and drink through the straw

  • Anytime Amy Coney Barret is mentioned finish the rest of your beer

  • If Trump says He is immune, test your own immune system with a shot of Everclear

  • If either candidate mentions Hunter Biden’s or Hillary’s email, you can either take a shot or send an email to your Congressperson addressing your most pressing concern for the United States.

  • If Trump busts out his “Apprentice” tagline and says, “You’re fired.”  Finish your liquor cabinet and call it a night.

  • If Ruth Bader-Ginsburg is mentioned, pour out a sip of beer.

  • Whenever absentee ballots are talked about, pour the rest of your beer into a cup, and drink it tomorrow.

  • If Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgenson, gets mentioned, put on a Batman mask to commemorate her brief campaign postponement due to being bitten by a bat and talk in a deep voice like Batman for the rest of the debate.

Brett A. Myces

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