Weekend Beer Trip: Topeka, Manhattan, and more!

Another good write-up by Brother Myces, and as He mentions below, we are ALWAYS looking for anyone wanting to write a guest blog, about different breweries or day trips.

Brett A. Myces

K Myces here again. The criteria are great beer, taking COVID precautions seriously, and good for a day trip!

First, free activity website. KCBeerBlog superfan Derek S. recommended this website for great free outdoor and paid indoor activities on your road trip. Thanks Derek. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/map/ks

I would love a read a KCBeerBlog guest blog on all the new Lawrence craft beer additions and reviews of the classic places. Hint, hint!  

First stop on our Westward Beer Tour is Blind Tiger Brewery in Topeka. Topeka has had a great explosion of breweries recently, and they all get the Myces thumbs up. However, the first stop is the original and my favorite, Blind Tiger Brewery. All their beer is top notch. Their Maibock (Silver Award Winner! 2014 World Beer Cup. ) is always a Myces favorite, but I love the place because they always have something new. My most recent favorite was a low ABV barrell aged stout. You got all the flavors of a barrier aged stout without having to call an Uber. The bartender always takes our challenge to mix two beers together to make a new tasting brew.

They are great stop for lunch on your day trip too! The Brothers Myces love the Roadrunner: chicken breast topped with tender brisket, melted cheese with side of black beans and rice. The Dave’s Dip is our sharable appetizer recommendation.

COVID safety rating: A+. Masking, social distancing, and outdoor seating if you would like.

After a hearty meal you can take your time and have your designated driver head west along the Native Stone Scenic Byway. Have a cooler ready to stop and get some Alma Cheese in Alma, KS.

There are lots of great small businesses to support in Wamego, KS. Check out Oz Winery and 456 Wineries. 456 Wineries is a great idea where Highland Community College opened shared tasting room and space for six winemakers. I have not been to these locations during COVID, so call ahead if you would like to know their safety precautions.

You can head to beautiful downtown Manhattan next. There are plenty of hotels within walking distance of downtown Manhattan. Stop in for a meal and beer at Tallgrass Taphouse. Their owners have set the standard for COVID safety precautions in Manhattan. Their precautions will make you at ease. They have 6-8 Taphouse Brewed beers on draft, plus a great variety of guest taps. For food, Mrs Myces loves the fish and chips, while I tend to order the Bahn Mi Sandwich (Lemongrass Duroc Pork, Pickled Carrot, Radish, Cucumber, Jalapeno, Coriander,Chile Aioli,Hoagie Bun)! We always start with the Pub Ale Soup. If you get the cup instead of the bowl, you will regret it! If the weather is nice, check out their patio! They have all the beer, a limited but still excellent food menu. The best view of downtown you can find! 
 COVID Safety Rating: A+. 

After the Taphouse, walk over to the Manhattan Brewing Company, since you left your car at the hotel! Since my last review, the Polyester Pigeon (Belgian Tripel with big notes of clove and slight Belgian Spice. This pigeon packs a serious punch.) has become a big hit! See my Manhattan Brewing Company full review for details in case you missed it! 
 COVID Safety Rating: A+. 

The following morning, do yourself a favor and head to The Chef (walking distance from your downtown hotel). I don’t have a specific recommendation, but start looking at the menu early, because it is always so hard to pick breakfast dish. They all are great! We tend to gravitate towards the special, but you will not be disappointed in anything. Make sure you get their toast with homemade strawberry jam. Mrs Myces loves the pineapple Mimosa with some homemade strawberry jam added to it. I like a MANMOSA (Busch Light Beer and a splash of OJ is a steal for $2.50). Their servers started wearing masks recently, so they improved to COVID Safety Rating to an A!

I would like to again challenge our readers to write a guest blog about their section of KC or a recent beer theme trip you have taken! Stay safe, mask up, and wash your hands!

K. E. Myces

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