BLVD's new cocktails in a can!

We have talked about the benefits of cans more times than Jeff Probst has said, “Your tribe has spoken.” There was the Tallgrass Canifesto (R.I.P.), the ability to shotgun your beverage, do your best Stone Cold impression, crush a can over your head, and many more perks.

Now Boulevard is branching into the craft cocktail world with Fling Craft Cocktails in a can. So you can get all the can advantages #canvandtages you’ve come to love while drinking a cocktail. #MeThinksMeLikes They are going to release 4 different cocktails on March 28th to coincide with the Royals home opener. These all appear to be sourced locally and will be available year round. I have listed details of the delectable creations below, and if you’re like me you are already salivating Pavlov style.

Blood Orange vodka soda: 360 vodka, 5% ABV, 100 calories
Cucumber Lime gin and tonic: Builders botanical gin from Restless Spirit, 7% ABV, 181 calories
Mai Tai: Virgin Islands rum, 8% ABV, 200 calories
Margarita: Mean Mule American Agave spirit, 7.5% ABV, 195 calories

You can read BLVD’s press release here.

Brett A. Myces

The BLVD Cocktails

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