Short Pours: Yuengling in Kansas? Frio Light reviews.

The Brats, the myth, the legend

My amazing sister-in-law K. M. Myces, spotted this miracle at Sam’s Club in Topeka. I hope there are some left because I know someone who might have purchased a dozen cases of these glorious bratwursts. Smithfield makes them, and it appears that are also available at Kroger. Since I am not sure they will be available forever, I am only allowing myself one bratwurst a day. On these rations I have enough for 3 years. Believe me, they are as good as one can imagine. Hopefully this is a signal of the actual arrival of Yuengling beer in Missouri. I have been organizing a parade and month-long celebration to announce its arrival for year! Maybe I will soon be able to finalize these plans.

Post below if you see them at your local Sam’s Club for our other Yuengling fanatics.

If you have been following the blog, you might have noticed my purchase of Frio light. As was probably predicted, the Frio was horrible. In fact Ms. Myces nearly vomited after tasting it. Granted, she was trying to shotgun the beer (like a champion I might add). My first Frio purchase will be my last.

Brett A. Myces

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