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The Northland's newest distillery

The Northland just got itself another distillery! So for those of you counting at home that is 4 distilleries north of the river: S.D. Strong, Holladay/McCormick, Restless Spirits, and the newest of the bunch, Little Platte Distilling in Smithville. Little Platte is a cozy new distillery located just south of the Smithville square. They have a bar serving cocktails using their signature moonshine and a keg of Levi-Garrison and Son’s beer on draught. They are mainly focusing on selling their spirits by the bottle, and will have limited bar hours from 12-6 Thursday to Saturday, for those of you looking for a happy hour. All of their cocktails are $6 and come served in a mason jar.

The owners got their start in the moonshine business by doing a course at the M.B. Roland distillery in Kentucky. They have a 100 gallon, 4 plate, reflux, column-combo still. This basically means the still can function as the brew kettle on one day, then a still the next. For the time being there are not…

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