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Local Brewery Notes from KC Beer Fest 2018

Questions for Breweries
Strange Days Brewery

What is Unique about your brewery? We have a wide variety of beers and we see ourselves as a destination for soccer games by having hours that accommodate soccer fans around town.

What 2 pints would you recommend? Sir Real Real (Imperial/Double IPA) & Sonny Delight (Imperial New England IPA)

What inspired you or continues to inspire you? Just a couple of guys brewing and we came across some good stuff and did well in some competitions. Just enjoying the brewing of good beer and drawing from the inspirations of the global cuisine.

What does the future hold? Lots of new beer and a 5K on September 20th that gets you $1 of all beer for running.

Casual Animal Brewery

What is Unique about your brewery? We released 36 beers in just 7 months. We make sessional beers.

What 2 pints would you recommend? Acrospire Pale Ale (Pale Ale with local hops and served on nitro) & Hop the Fence (India Pale Lager with New Zealand hops)

What in…

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