Wednesday, October 22

Rot & Ruin Festival this Saturday in Liberty

Halloween is approaching fast and so begins my most anxiety filled time of year. How do I come up with a costume that is witty and relevant, but doesn't require me to spend time making it, doesn't cost much money, and doesn't offend anyone? Can I just wear my lederhosen again? Too soon? At least the Germans don't seem to mind my cultural appropriation anyways. Well, let's all hope for my sake (and everyone else's) that my wife comes up with something good for me, because I'm sure not going to.

Anyways, if you were looking for a Halloween party this year to show off your awesome (or not) costume, Rock and Run in Liberty is doing you a solid. They're putting on the Rot & Ruin Festival this Saturday, October 25 from 3p-10p next to their brewpub in Liberty. They've got a solid lineup of breweries, distilleries, and even a meadery. They've also got a costume contest for you. You can win prizes for costumes in three categories: Best overall Halloween costume, Best beer related costume, and Best Rocky Horror themed costume. Drunken transvestites from Transsexual, Transylvania?? I imagine the hardest part will be trying to find someone to give you ride home...

You can buy tickets through the event website. VIP tickets are $55, regular tickets are $40, and food vouchers are $5.

Here are all of the attendee's announced so far:


4 Hands Brewing Co., St Louis
75th Street Brewery, Kansas City
Amerisports Brew Pub, Kansas City, MO
Bat Creek Brewery, Bowling Green, MO
Big Rip Brewing Co., North Kansas City, MO
Boulevard Brewing Co., Kansas City, MO
Broadway Brewery, Columbia, MO
Bur Oak Brewing Co., Columbia, MO
Cinderblock Brewery, North Kansas City, MO
Crown Valley Brewing, St. Genevieve, MO
Defiance Brewing Co., Hays, KS
Flying Monkey Brewing Co., Weston, MO
Gordon Biersch Brewing Co., Kansas City, MO
Green Room, Kansas City, MO
Martin City Brewing Co., Kansas City, MO
Mother's Brewing Co., Springfield, MO
Schlafly Brewery, St. Louis, MO
Tallgrass Brewing CO, Manhattan, KS
Urban Chestnut Brewing Co., St Louis, MO
Weston Brewing Co., Weston, MO


Crown Valley Distilling, St. Genevieve, MO
Dark Horse Distillery, Lenexa, KS
McCormick Distilling, Weston, MO
SD Strong Distilling, Parkville, MO


Leaky Roof Meadery, Buffalo, MO

Amateurs/Breweries in Planning

Crane Brewing Co., Raytown, MO
Johnson County Brewing Society
Nanobrew Fest Club
Missouri Mashers Brew Club
Torn Label Brewing Co., Kansas City, MO

Tuesday, October 21

Beer for the World Series

Party like it's 1985 should be party like you've never partied before because this hasn't happened before. To any team, let alone the Royals.

It was 1980, the Royals finally broke through the Yankees after 3 straight ALCS losses. 1980, they were in their prime and were past the Yankees, this was the year. By game 6, when Willie Wilson, my favorite player came to bat with 2 outs in the 9th, I had lost faith. I knew he would strike out. I wasn't the only one, Tug McGraw knew it, Mike Schmidt knew it, Pete Rose knew it and I suspect Willie knew it. 4 times in 5 years the Royals failed on the national stage.

The early 80's weren't any better, they were in that weird Texas League style playoff with the Oakland A's and were promptly stomped by the spitters. 84, the year the Tigers put everything together for 6 months, the Royals barely showed up to the ALCS. Then in 1985, with what was pretty close to the worst Royals team of my lifetime, they put together 2 weeks of great baseball and won it all.

1985 was different, it was a reward for a decade of heartbreaking high profile losses. This ain't that. This time it's different.

Monday, October 20

Sam Adams Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru Tour to Stop in KC

Sam Adam's KMF Tour coming to KC.
In further proof of Kansas City being the best place on Earth, our awesome beer community voted KC to be the People's Choice stop on the Sam Adams Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru Tour! There were cities nominated from 37 different states for this opportunity and we came out on top.

Kansas City will be the 12th and final stop on the tasting tour. Exact dates and locations are yet to be determined, but the event is being planned for the end of November or beginning of December. They will likely be tapping the beer at a number locations around town. Other cities have had the beer on tap from 4 too 22 different locations. The special tapping events will be the only place that you will be able to try this beer.

Friday, October 17

The Easily Accessible Pumpkin Beer Guide for the Slightly Interested KC Beer Geek

Some of you may have previously known me as a pumpkin beer hater. Well, I am a hater no more. I had a change of heart after Will Gordon called me out on Drunkspin for being an angry unbalanced person for hating pumpkin beer. Ok, so maybe he didn't call me out by name, but he pretty much had me dead to rights. (By the way, you should be reading Will Gordon, he's pretty much the best beer writer of our generation.)

My pumpkin beer rage never stemmed from flavor as one might imagine. Actually, I think that pumpkin pie is one of the greatest things ever invented, and by extension anything that tastes like it. My problem was always with the seasonal beer creep that seems most extreme with pumpkin beers. I really wonder where exactly these breweries are getting their pumpkins in July? New Zealand?

Anyway, I thought I better get some of this beer and see what all the fuss is. We put together a list of pumpkin beers that you can actually go out and buy at a liquor store in KC right now. After making a complete assessment of all the liquor stores in town (at least all the ones within a mile of my house) and finding all the pumpkin beer I could, I assembled my crack team of expert beer tasters and we got to work making a completely unbiased scientific exploration of pumpkin beers.

Monday, October 13

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

In addition to the Royals winning everything all the time, there's been some other winners around these parts lately. The Pitch released their Best of KC winners last week and we sorted through the results and to find all the important categories (i.e., beer-related) so you don't have to. The Great American Beer Festival also announced their winners last week and we had several local breweries bring home medals. Congratulations to all the winners!

We were also very honored to see that you voted the KC Beer Blog as the 2nd Best Local Blog in town! We're lucky to get to write about beer in a place with such a great craft beer community. Thanks, Kansas City!

Friday, October 10

Beer for the ALCS

Hey KC, got anything going on this weekend?

Of course you do.

This is it, these are the glory days. You’ve suffered from the baseball stylings of such luminaries as Joe Vitiello, Mark Quinn, Emil Brown, Jimmy Gobble, Jon Nunnaly, Dee Brown, the sweet left handed swing of Michael Tucker, Tom Goodwin and Chip Ambres to the exalted heights of the ALCS. You’ve Dufresned yourself into being America’s sweetheart, the plucky little team that ran. That’s what speed do.

Thursday, October 9

Short Pours - 10/9/14

Booktoberfest - 10/10

The Kansas City Library is relaunching their Young Friends of the Library group with a new beer event in town called Booktoberfest. The event is a celebration of beers & books at the downtown library this Friday from 6:30p - 10p. From Andy Dandino with the library:
We wanted to create a beer tasting experience that was different than the traditional beer festival – something a bit more intimate and relaxed. The way we've planned Booktoberfest limits the number of available tickets so that guests won’t have to stand in long lines for a brew sample – they'll be organized into small groups and rotate among four tasting stations located throughout the Central Library. Guests will be able to spend almost a half hour at each beer station, listening to the brewers talk about their 2-3 featured beers and brewing processes, and they'll have a chance to take part in some Q&A. 
The brewers coming to the event include KC Bier Co, Cinder Block, Crane Brewing, and Rock & Run. Food at the event will be provided by Farm to Market Bread Company, Cosentino's Downtown Market, and Swoon Cookies. Tickets are $35/each, which gets you the beer, the food, and a commemorative tasting glass (you need another one of those, don't you!). The proceeds benefit the Young Friends of the Library group.