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Where to go for Craft Beer in Lawrence Part 2

Where to go for Craft Beer in Lawrence Part 223rd Street Brewery I am just a bit too young to remember Cheers, but have a good idea what it means to be a regular at a bar. While I frequent places far too infrequently to be a regular anywhere, 23rd Street Brewery would be the place I attend most often. 23rd Street Brewery got its start in 2006 and is not to be confused with the previous tennant of 3512 Clinton Parkway Lawrence, KS.  75th Street Brewery.
Happy Hour: In all honesty the 3:00-5:00 Happy Hour special is what keeps me coming back. Sunday - Friday 3:00-5:00 $1.50 10oz pours. You read that right, this almost sounds too good to be true (it used to be $1.00 for a 10oz).  The 3:00-5:00 Happy Hour also includes a $5 flatbread pizza that is delightful, $4 pretzels, and $6 half order of nachos.  There are other great specials throughout the week that include $3.25 pints, $7 pitchers, Growlers 2 for $10. Here is a link to the rest of 23rd Street Brewery's Specials
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