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The Airport's hidden gem

A constant complaint about KCI is that there is nothing to do at the airport. I personally do not see this as a problem, because the three terminal system makes getting through security a breeze, so you don’t need to spend countless hours there. Name me another airport in a major city where you can be dropped off 45 minutes before your flight, and make it on-time. None-the-less, enough people have complained so a new airport is coming. Unfortunately the airport is already $400,000,000 over budget and 12 months behind schedule before construction even began. Enough about that, and the real reason for this blog.

I recently took Mrs. Myces on a trip to Ireland, and our flight was suddenly cancelled. Instead of being stuck in the airport, we decided to find some great craft beer. Like responsible craft beer nerds, we always have a craft beer back up plan. We took a FREE shuttle, to the Four Points by Sheraton Kansas City Airport, to relax at The Boulevard Grill. The BLVD Grill is o…

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