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Yankee Tank Brewing Company

Being a tourist in your own town is something that I have started to embrace more over the last year. My wife and I have three young and wonderful children and we can easily get wrapped up in weekly routines that leave little time to explore new experiences. Even though I grew up in Olathe, I still have many places in and around KC that I have never experienced.

One of those places is Yankee Tank Brewery in Lawrence, Kansas. The perfect opportunity for this was Saturday at their open house. They were celebrating their 3 year anniversary and had free tours, merchandise available for purchase, free food, and of course those two beautiful words, free beer. The atmosphere was very casual and all the employees were approachable, shared great information, and even better stories about their lives and their experience with beer.

Yankee tank is a microbrewery that produces about a thousand barrels a year. They distribute in and around Lawrence (more info about where to find them here on thei…

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