The Apocalypse is officially Here: Natty Light Hard Seltzer

The 2 flavors: Aloha Beaches and Catalina Lime
The Apocalypse is officially here! I’m not going to regurgitate all the different gimmicks the multinational-conglomerate, watered-down, cheap-beer, breweries are using to move their inferior product because it has already been rehashed when discussing Naturdays and 2 Hats. Now, we are getting yet another hard seltzer water shoved down our gullet in the name of Natty Light Hard Seltzer. Don’t get me wrong, I first thought hard seltzer water was a fad that would come and go like Henry’s hard orange soda, but this summer has made me rethink this theory. Every Royals and Chiefs tailgate, summer BBQ, and 4th of July party I’ve attended in the last year has had just as many cans of hard seltzer as beer.  Heck, I was even at the K-State Tailgate and made fun of my friend the whole weekend for drinking this stuff.  I’m not going to criticize A-B for getting on the gravy train but this is yet another beverage Brett Myces will not be sampling or reviewing.  If anyone wants to come up with a guest blog reviewing this I will make sure to publish it.  I'd rather take my chances drinking fermented cat urine. 4 Loko Hard Seltzer, on the other had, is something I will gladly add to my beer fridge.

Not that anyone cares, but here is more reading on this subject from Business Insider and Forbes.

Brett A. Myces

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