Beer for the Weekend - Avery Maharaja

The Maharaja is back in town and this is the weekend to take him for a spin. This is one of my favorite beers to come around every year. As I wrote 2 years ago:
The Maharaja, aside from the hallucinations, is a great beer and without a doubt my favorite double IPA. Double IPA's tend to have a syrupy sweetness to balance out the hops but the Maharaja sweetness is refreshing. Everything about the Maharaja from the initial slap of the hops to the the sweetness in your throat should be the benchmark for a double IPA. It's like drinking 3 different beers at the same time as the tip of your tongue has a different taste experience than the back of the tongue and your throat (that's what Linda Lovelace said).
I might want to step back from saying it's my favorite DIPA, I wasn't much of a fan of DIPA's 2 years ago. But, it's still one of my favorites and definitely worth the $7.99 or so you'll pay for it. Pick some up at your favorite package store, it should be pretty widely available. If you want sure things check Rimann in Lenexa and Royal Liquor on State Line. If you want another sure thing, drink a whole bottle, it'll knock you out with flavor and alcohol. Rest in peace Maharaja, long live the Maharaja.

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