Maharaja Hallucination

@ The Saucer. What a great text message to get at 3:30 on a Friday. The Scout was getting her drink on with her intercontinental friend, Tusker. I was headed over there anyway to meet up with Chimpo and Buttery Nipple so this was a fine confluence of players.

We got one of the big booths up by the bar. I started off with the Fire Sale beer (every day the Saucer has a beer that is $2.75/pint) which was Boulevard's Maibock. Scout and Tusker had just finished up the Boulevard tour and were raving about the Tank 7 beer which is on tap over there (soon to be on tap at all your finer beer establishments). Scout had an Arcadia Hopmouth and I don't remember what Tusker was drinking. Chimpo wanted the rare tap that the Saucer had tapped on Thursday, Arcadia Hop Rocket but they were out already. He had to settle for a Bear Republic Grizz (which he didn't like). Then we all laughed at Buttery Nipple when he got a Sam Adams Summer and put his beloved lemons in it. I then told Scout that he was the one we call Buttery Nipple. "I can see why" was her response.

After some great stories about Namibia and Kenya provided by Tusker and Scout and learned of Tusker's harrowing tale of a bus ride from Dallas to Tulsa it became time for another beer. I've been drinking Avery's Maharaja IPA at the Saucer for a couple of weeks now and never has it given me hallucinations because that is the only explanation for Tusker to have said "This is the conversation I've been waiting to have my entire life" which isn't all that strange except she was talking about the conversation she was having with Chimpo. Never has a woman said anything remotely close to that sentiment in regards to a convo with Chimpotle.

My second hallucination was when we started talking about Ikea. I was telling Chimpo and Scout about the fish cheese I had brought back from Minny for Meesha. I told Chimpo that we both got banana milkshakes from ChefBurger when I gave him the fish cheese. Right after I finished my sentence Meesha walked up to our table and said hi. I'm sure it's old hat for Meesha to walk up to tables and be told that the people at that table were talking about him since he is KC's Best Blogger. But it was so weird that it must have been a hallucination.

The Maharaja, aside from the hallucinations, is a great beer and without a doubt my favorite double IPA. Double IPA's tend to have a syrupy sweetness to balance out the hops but the Maharaja sweetness is refreshing. Everything about the Maharaja from the initial slap of the hops to the the sweetness in your throat should be the benchmark for a double IPA. It's like drinking 3 different beers at the same time as the tip of your tongue has a different taste experience than the back of the tongue and your throat (that's what Linda Lovelace said).

Overall, it was another fun happy hour at the Saucer with good beer and friends of the old and new variety.

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