Saturday, May 9, 2009

Maibock the Forgotten One

I nearly forgot there was such a thing as Boulevard Maibock. That is until yesterday when I noticed it was on tap at ChefBurger. I had several pints last year of the Maibock and liked it, but German beer styles don't tend to be my favorites.

The usual suspects should have the Maibock on tap; Harry's, Waldo Tap Room and any other bars that typically have a Boulevard seasonal on tap.


  1. Barley's in Shawnee has it right now too.

    Free State has their own Maibock right now that is pretty good. I'd have to compare them side by side, as I couldn't tell you off hand which one I like better. I thought the Boulevard one was pretty good.

  2. We were at McCoy's over the weekend and their Maibock was on tap, too. Nobody had it, though. I did have their IIPA which is good.

  3. I had Free State's Maibach and then a few hours after had Boulevard's Maibach on tap at the Pig. They were both tasty--Free State's was a little more interesting. I'd prefer Free State's for a pint or two, but if I wanted to stick with one for more serious (more copious) drinking, I would go with Boulevard's. Cheers.