Thursday, April 3, 2008

Holy Harry's

Any regular reader of the KC Beer Blog knows that Harry's Country Club is one of my favorite bars in town. They have everything; great beer selection, fun staff, good food, great happy hour and did I mention great beer selection. Last night after work I really wanted a beer. For about a week I've been wanting to find Boulevard Maibock on tap somewhere since I heard that Jaywalkers had it on tap. Harry's seemed like the place since they always have the Boulevard seasonal on tap.

Sure enough as I walked up to the bar after parking across the street, the chalkboard out front proudly proclaimed they had Boulevard Maibock on tap. I love Harry's, they always come through. I sat down at the bar, ogled the naked Indian above the bar and ordered the Maibock. It's a good beer but my palate was a little whacked because I'd eaten several handfuls of jellybeans before I left work.

Harry's had their new happy hour flyers sitting on the bar so I perused them and noticed a new item; the warm soft pretzel for $1.95. What a great palate cleanser! I couldn't wait for the bartender to come back so I could order me one. Not only that but I would need another beer to wash that pretzel down. What a great gimmick! I don't know why more bars don't offer the warm soft pretzel, it's about the easiest thing in the world to offer and everyone loves them. The Harry's one came with some really tasty nacho cheese. Both the pretzel and cheese were piping hot. Hot enough that I had to use a fork to get my first couple of pieces free.

What a wonderful Harry's experience I had, a new Boulevard beer which tastes really good with a fresh palate and a wonderful hot pretzel. The Maibock is not going to be near my favorite Boulevard beer but for a warm afternoon in April, it's a very nice beer indeed.


  1. Where else has anyone seen the Maibock on draft. I'm planning on grabbing one after work, but the thought of going to a place named "Chicken Hawk" is revolting and Harry's is a little out of the way. Any other suggestions?

  2. I would try the Waldo Pizza Tap Room if you're near that area. If you don't mind corporate, Old Chicago usually has the Boulevard seasonal on tap. I think the Cashew in the Crossroads also would have it on tap.

    That being said today seems more like a Guinness day.

  3. Thanks, Waldo Pizza it is. I'll let you know if they have it in yet. (They didn't on Saturday, but it's been a long week.) There's plenty of other's to keep me busy if not (Grimmenbergen...).

    By the way, I know Tower Tavern is going to put it on when the Irish Ale runs it course. So everyone drink a yummy Irish Ale tonight.

  4. I found Boulevard Maibock on tap at The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in the Power & Light district. Corner of 13th & Walnut. Great place for anyone who likes to try different beers + great atmosphere.