Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boulevard Changes

Artist rendering of change, view from Southwest Boulevard
Well Kansas City, Boulevard is going to give you more of what you crave, Boulevard beers. To do that, they're going to rip the roof off the older part of the brewery, rip out six 105 barrel fermenters and replace them with eight 300 barrel fermenters essentially building up, turning a 1 story building into more of a 3 story one. This will increase Boulevard's capacity by about 20% and should be done by the end of the first quarter next year.

Artist rendering looking south from Southwest Blvd.
The way they've been selling beer, especially Smokestack seasonals like Chocolate Ale, Two Jokers, Saison-Brett and the forthcoming Collaboration #2 and new late summer/early fall seasonal Dubbel, this smaller expansion buys them some time before they really need the capacity. The Dubbel which is replacing the Seeyoulator has been around at festivals, the tasting room and beer dinners for the last year should be a nice addition to the Long Strange Tripel and Sixth Glass Quadrupel.

Boulevard has also worked out a deal with the distributor to give KC a little more of the special and seasonal releases to avoid the madness that happens around here while good, in demand product, sits around in places like Wichita, Seattle and Dallas. Breweries across the nation are working to keep up with demand so it's good to see that Boulevard is trying to stay ahead of the curve by taking care of KC while increasing overall supply relatively quickly.


  1. LMAO.... Poteet

  2. Laughing because you scooped up... I have to work harder. Nice work!

  3. Hi! Can someone explain the capacity increase math? Is there more to it than this:

    Old: 105 * 6 = 630 barrels

    New: 300 * 8 = 2400 barrels

    2400 / 630 = 381% increase


  4. The capacity increase is referring to the overall production of the brewery.

  5. Right - the expansion only affects the older (smaller) part of the brewery.

  6. Roger that, thanks guys.