Two Jokers Day

Boulevard Two Jokers bottles are hitting KC store shelves today. It's been out on draft for a couple of weeks now (note to restauranteurs and bars, get this on tap and push it to your customers, they're going to love it). In the past, Two Jokers has been a one and done beer for me, meaning I get a bottle when it comes out, have it, mildly enjoy it and move on. But, it's been reformulated a little this year increasing the acidity and  blending 75% regular version with 25% of a sour version. Now, Two Jokers has become my go to order when I see it on tap. It's gone from being a somewhat forgettable beer for me, to one of my favorite Boulevard beers. The sour really adds a wonderful bit of complexity to Two Jokers, it's a little more refreshing in this hot weather and it's simply one of the better summer beers you're going to be able to buy.

If you've had Two Jokers before and didn't think much of it, give it another try. It should be pretty easy to find around town as every store that carries the Smokestack series from Boulevard should have quite a bit of Two Jokers. Also something I've apparently been too dense to notice in year's past, the bottle art always just looked like a tulip of beer to me. But, it's also a picture of 2 jesters if you look at it right. Get a bottle tonight, open it up and do some deck sitting (if you're in Olathe do some driveway sitting) and enjoy some Two Jokers, you're not going to do much better.

Disclosure: I did receive a bottle of Two Jokers from a source interested in selling more Two Jokers. It did not affect my review but you can be the judge of that. I have purchased at least 3 glasses of Two Jokers on tap but I can't actually prove it.

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