Rob's World of Beers

The Vard family traveled on down to Wichita for the Memorial Day weekend. Stella and I did the usual beer at The Anchor and popcorn and martinis at Mort's. On Saturday, we had some time to ourselves as well and while the Shockolates at Cocoa Dolce were tempting and the fried gator and crawfish etouffe at Da Cajun Shak were delicious, I really wanted to hit Rob's World of Beers at Goebel Liquor.

For some reason, I never once had been to Goebel Liquor when I lived in Wichita. It's on a street I hate driving on and was just out of my way from my house. Plus, I just didn't believe that a liquor store could carry a beer selection greater than any other liquor store. Even Saturday morning before we went, I thought I was just going to see a better organized Lukas Liquor or something. Even though many people have told me Goebel Liquor is the best liquor store in Kansas I had no idea how they could be noticeably better.

I'm convinced now. They had everything. Not just everything, but everything going back a couple of years. They had at least 3 cases of Boulevard Imperial Stout batch 2, but that wasn't that impressive since the other store I hit in Wichita also had at least a case. But they had Schlafly's Barleywines going back to 2006, same with the Schlafly Imperial Stout. Goebel would be the best beer store in Missouri too if everything that's available in Missouri were available for them to sell. It was ridiculous.

I picked up a bottle of Avery Brabant which I hadn't seen here. I already had some Boulevard Imperial Stout to bring back. We got a couple of other beers while there as well. Since I have someone from Wichita coming to KC about once a month, I didn't feel the need to stock up on a bunch of things.

Wichita isn't much of a beer town. We actually went to Old Chicago for a beer (and found a Tallgrass Trippel that's exclusive to Old Chicago which was quite wonderful) which we never do here. Wichita doesn't really deserve Goebel Liquors, but that's where it's at, so if you find yourself in Wichita, get yourself to Goebel.

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