Gnarly Wine and Hairy Eyeball

The new Lagunitas is here! The new Lagunitas is here! Hairy Eyeball and Gnarly Wine are hitting store shelves in KC this morning. Hairy Eyeball is a nice winter warmer that kind of set me on my way to loving everything Lagunitas. Eyeball is also, like most Lagunitas brews, high in the ABV at 8.7%. But, it's nothing compared to the 22 oz. bomb Gnarly Wine which is in the 10-12% range. Priced at $3.50-$4 a better value can not be had (unless it sucks).

I haven't had the Gnarly Wine since it didn't reach these parts last year. I'm not a fan of most barley wines, but, I'm going to try this one tonight and skip Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot (also hitting or has hit store shelves by now) yet another year.

The arrival of these 2 Lagunitas seasonals signals the departure of Brown Shugga'. It will be missed, you should pick it up if you see it. And, as always, if you go to a liquor store without Lagunitas or Lagunitas seasonals, ask for it. The liquor stores often don't know what's good and Lagunitas needs us.

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