Bigfoot and Lost

I was super psyched last night for the season premiere of "Lost" last night. I watched last season's finale again on Wednesday night. The DVR picked it up because it was deemed "new" by Time Warner even though it was really a rerun but had directors commentary in the form of text at the bottom of the screen. Anyway, I knew I would want something special to drink while I watched the show.

I got off work, put on some pants and went to Rhyno Liquor. I thought I would pick up a sixer of whatever struck my fancy and a big beer for Lost night. I walked back to the cooler to peruse and nothing really jumped out at me until I saw Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, their somewhat famous barleywine. I'd been looking for Bigfoot for some time now. It's the perfect beer for Lost night. So I picked it up and got some Boulevard Irish Ale so Stella would have something to drink and made my way back home.

It turns out that things were really working out great for me to be alone with my show because Stella was taking the kids to see Sesame Street Live at the Sprint Center that evening so I could watch the show with little or no interruptions. I just had to get my six month old boy fed and put to bed.

I laid out my Bigfoot when I made the boy his bottle so it could warm while I got him dressed and fed for bed, about a 30 minute process. After I put the boy to bed, I got out my Boulevard Smokestack Series glass, cracked the top and poured my Bigfoot into the wide opening of the glass. It poured a reddish brown with a nice sized creamy tan head. The aroma had some caramel and malt and a nice hop smell. The taste had a lot going on with a lot of malt flavor and maybe some toffee. It's not a thick beer but is much more substantial than a run of the mill pale ale, almost the texture of a good porter.

The time was about 7:40 when I sat down to watch to the pre-show show, this way I could burn through the 2 hours of television in an hour and a half and probably catch up to the live broadcast right at 9. I thought about live blogging the event, but that would have been too much work and I wanted to pay attention to the show so I didn't miss anything.

I came to the conclusion about 8:00 that I don't really like barleywines, because I've had 2 now and I can taste the quality of ingredients and the notes they're trying to hit. They just don't hit my palate, maybe it's a flaw in my palate, but I just don't think I'm going to find one I want to drink regularly.

If you don't watch "Lost" then you're probably not going to care about this part. You can just go about the rest of your daily business, thanks for reading. When I was confronted with the Oceanic 6 conundrum I knew I needed a second Bigfoot. Something must have went terribly wrong on the island. I deduced that Hurley's post Island meltdown was happening before Jack's from the season finale. So I knew who 3 of the Oceanic 6 were, Jack, Kate and Hurley. The D thinks that number 4 must be the person who had died in the season finale, I don't know if I subscribe to that theory. But if that's the case then the 4th person has got to be Locke. This is based on the revelation that Hurley told Jack he shouldn't have gone with Locke. That means Locke's group must have been decimated, because Kate stayed with Jack when the groups split. Something horrible must have happened to turn Jack into a raging hillbilly heroin addict.

I don't know what any of this could mean, but I do know now that I don't like barleywines and I'm not going to buy any more.

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