Lagunitas Saturday Night

After a long day of driving to Liberty and going to a 6 year old's birthday party, we stopped off at Tipsy's for some recovery supplies. A quick peak through the selection and I found my prizes, 2 new beers from the brewer that is rising quickly up my charts, Lagunitas. I got a bomber of the Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale and a sixer of Hairy Eyeball. I was to have a Lagunitas Saturday night which doesn't involve Tony Lamas or eating deviled eggs.

We got the kids in bed by 7:30 and I popped open a bottle of Hairy Eyeball to drink while we watched "The Life and Times of Tim" from the DVR. The hairy eyeball is a rich dark mahagony color and smells of chocolate. It had a bit of a smoky taste with brown sugar and finished with a bit of an alcoholy burn.

With the winter we've had, I'm definitely ready to move onto some lighter spring and summer beers. But, Hairy Eyeball is definitely worth checking out even with the heavy malt flavor. It's a bit of a winter warmer beer and might be a couple of months late, but I'm sure we're going to be hit with a couple more cold days before this winter's over. The Hairy Eyeball will be the perfect beer for the next cold night. Plus this is one of the rare beers that cost less than their ABV. I think the sixer was $7.99 and the ABV is 8.8%, better values are rare.

With 12 oz. of strong beer in me, plus the Single Wide, Bully! Porter and Lunar Ale I drank at the kid birthday party, I was ready for the WTF. The smell reminds me of walking through a brewery and you can smell the wort boiling (or whatever that malty smell is when you walk through a brewery). That smell is what made me think beer was going to be something special when I was 13 and on a tour of the Budweiser brewery. My dad snuck me a sip of Bud and I didn't have another beer for 4 years. But, I always remembered that smell. WTF smells like that. It pours a dark roasty brown with a thick off-white head. The taste was just a wonderful combo of roasted malt with just a hint of hops. There are better beers in the world, but the WTF is a strong contender for best value in a beer. I think I paid $3.50 for the 22 oz. bottle and I'm going to go buy more right after I finish this post. My only complaint about the WTF is that it tasted just a little flat.

On Saturday night, Lagunitas secured must try status for every one of their beers. I've never had a bad Lagunitas beer and the WTF and Hop Stoopid are excellent values as well as great beers. I foresee many more Lagunitas Saturday nights.

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