Fall Classic

The stage is set, runners on 1st and 2nd, bottom of the ninth, 2 outs, the team up to the plate is down 1 run, the team's biggest power hitter is up facing the experienced closer on the other side. The game is on the line, the season is on the line, a championship will be won based on this at bat. Neither the closer nor the power hitter is you, but you feel every bit of tension, your head is thinking of every possibility, what if he throws the curve, can he slide it through the abandoned half of the infield (power hitter is a dead pull hitter so the shift is on). The count goes to 3-2. The next pitch decides things. It's too much pressure, all the hours you've spent watching this team, looking at the box scores, checking the scores on your phone, second guessing your manager, telling your friends all about how your guy is so clutch. It's all right now, every moment of the year compressed into one. You've got to have a drink to calm your nerves. What are you gonna reach for?

The situation I described just happened this weekend with Brian Wilson and Ryan Howard. I didn't have much vested in either team, the Giants or Phillies, though I like both teams (I actually like nearly every Phillie and find it hard to root against Raul Ibanez, I only like the Giants uniforms). The situation was unbelievably tense, if I were a fan of either team I would have experienced a myocardial infarction. As it was, I could hardly stand it. It was heartbreaking to see that pitch get called a strike and will probably ruin Ryan Howard's winter and spring. It's times like that I'm glad the Indians and Cubs both sucked this year. I've gone through the experience though. The 2003 Bartman game (not his fault) took a good 5 years off my life. 2007 with the Indians losing a big series lead to the Red Sox was a heartbreaker. I know that real fans need a drink while watching these games.

We probably don't have that many Ranger or Giant fans in KC, but I think there's plenty of baseball fans that can use a drink to watch [hopefully] 7 games of 4 hour balls of tension. That drink should be Lagunitas Brown Shugga. At 9.9% ABV it has that alcohol kick that will soothe your nerves. Its sweetness coming from brown sugar mellows the hoppiness usually found in Lagunitas brews. The alcohol flavor is barely noticeable, but the alcohol effects are definitely present. You probably shouldn't drink more than 2 of these in a night so you may want to supplement Brown Shugga with some Goose Island Harvest Ale or your favorite Oktoberfest beer to get you through the first 5 innings. But Brown Shugga should definitely be your companion for the late innings when Jeremy Affeldt and Darren Oliver are involved. You're going to need it.

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