BarleySwine Beer Dinner

Do you like drinking barleywine? Do you like eating delicious food that incorporates the succulent meat of a pig? If you said yes to both of these questions, then get excited and read on. If you said no to both of these questions, please leave this blog immediately and reevaluate your life decisions up to this point.

Excuse the forwardness, but coming up on March 3rd, Flying Saucer will be hosting a beer dinner that has utter mouth ecstasy written all over it. And this is coming from someone who has grown relatively tired of beer dinners lately, as they all, for the most part, have become fairly trite and overpriced. Chef Josh Eans of The American Restaurant will be collaborating with Founders Brewing co-founder Dave Engbers on a 'BarleySwine' dinner that will kick off the Saucer's Barleywine Week (details on that coming soon). As you probably gathered by the name and my introduction, there will be an emphasis on barleywine and pork. How could this NOT be amazing?

Though menu details and the full beer lineup are still getting finalized, I did get tips from Eans on a few beers that can count on seeing. Founders' recently released (and very hard to get) Bolt Cutter barleywine will be on draft, and the 2009 vintage of Founders Nemesis will also be part of the pairings. As an opening beer, you'll get to try Founders All-Day IPA, which is making an appearance in KC for the first time this year (due to a soft hop harvest, this will originally only released last year to Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina and Chicago).

Those three beers are just the beginning, however, as the dinner will include 6 total courses, each accompanied by a masterfully paired (how fancy did that sound?) Founders beer. Cost is $55 if you are a UFO member, and $65 if not. Word on the street is that tickets are going fast and there is a fairly limited amount left, so get your hocks in motion (see what I did there?) and get yours purchased if you want to go. And trust me, you want to go.

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