Beer for the Weekend - Two Jokers

Guys, it's your weekend, or it is if you have kids. And this is a pretty eventful weekend for guys anyway with Sporting KC playing tonight at Livestrong, Hop Fest, Royals and Cards in interleague, Buffalo Sweat cask at Old Chicago, US Open golf, even Peter Gabriel at Starlight for those of us of a certain age. In your time, that time when you're allowed to do what you want, you know, sit in your chair, open up a beer, turn on the tv and stick your hand down your pants, you're going to want a good, big bottle of beer.

That beer is Boulevard Two Jokers. It's a great pairing with the oppressively hot weather this weekend with its citrusy flavors and sour taste. It works as well in your red Solo cup as your fancy goblet or tulip so it's drinkable in any picnic, barbecue or living room couch situation. Plus, it's the one time of year you can pop a Two Jokers open and not get in trouble for saying no when your wife asks for a glass, because she loves it too. "No way, this one's all mine". That's why, in the interest of selfishness for our weekend (or just day, depending on your wife), the beer for the weekend is Two Jokers.

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