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As you're reading this you may be listening to me on KCUR 89.3 discussing these 5 beers that are great gateway beers. Not only are they good gateways, they're good beers for the novice and beer geek alike. So if you've read about them before, don't click on the links, but if you haven't, links are provided for your pleasure.

Tallgrass Halcyon
Boulevard Amber
Boulevard Tank 7
Great Divide Hoss
Stone Levitation - I've never actually written anything about Stone Levitation but it's an Amber style ale like Boulevard Amber but has more of a roast taste and a well balanced hop presence. It might be a little jarring if you're not sure you like hops, but if you do like hop flavor, Levitation is a fine introduction to more aggressively hopped Stone beers and IPA's.

All of these except Tank 7 are available for sampling tonight at the Royal Liquor free tasting as well as numerous other beers. You'll probably find something you love more than the beers I mentioned rendering my appearance moot.

Some other beers I've recommended have been part of the Beer for the Weekend feature can be found here.

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