Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Royal Tasting

Royal Liquor on State Line is having a big beer tasting tonight from 6-8. Beers from 25 breweries will be available for sample and should be a good time. Some brewery representatives will be available for questioning/grilling/complaining to as well. Royal Liquors has become one of the best stores in town for beer and it's good to see them have an event like this. But, if you don't come they won't have more. The whole thing's free so take the opportunity to try some beer that you haven't had the gumption to pull the trigger on.


  1. How do we find out which brewers/beers will be available at this event?

  2. I know Tallgrass, Free State, Doodle and Boulevard will have representatives from the brewery at the store.

    Stone, Great Divide, Free State, Tallgrass and Boulevard are the only breweries I have confirmed as being available for sampling. I would guess Lagunitas, Sam Adams, Firestone Walker and Schlafly will be available as well.

  3. I don’t like the kind of vodka that burns your pipes, but on the contrary I like smooth liquors and something which I can sneak up on right quick.