Beer for the Weekend - Tallgrass Halcyon

It's going to be hot this weekend. You're not going to turn on your air conditioning unless you're Josh Eans (the mustache gets hot). You're going to be out in your yard clearing leaves, planting flowers, getting the vegetable garden ready, playing catch with your kids, anything but sitting inside in your 80 degree house. You need a beer you can sit on the grass or in the dirt and will keep you refreshed. That beer should be Tallgrass Halcyon.

Halcyon is the new wheat beer from Tallgrass. I had a six pack of it and really enjoyed it. It has a much creamier mouthfeel than Boulevard Wheat and refreshes as it drunkens. I really think it's a great beer to drink out in your yard and you're not going to lose much flavor experience by not pouring it in a glass. Halcyon is a 3 step beer; plop in koozie, pop the top, enjoy. Fill a bucket with ice throw a sixer in there and drink your weekend away from your balcony, porch, deck or yard. Just don't go inside, it'll be hot in there. And if you're going out and what a draft Halcyon, hit up Grinders, sit on the deck and enjoy the courtyard. Grinders is the only place I could find in town with Halcyon on tap.

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