Beer for the Weekend - Bell's Oberon

Legend has it that life in the upper peninsula of Michigan is so hard in the winter that many people don't go outside for months at a time. Before Bell's came along to Michigan they didn't leave until late in the spring when the grass finally turned green again. Then Bell's started brewing Oberon, their spring seasonal, and the upper peninsula sprung to life again. Since Oberon began appearing in Michigan the number of births in February has increased five-fold. In the upper peninsula and Michigan in general, the first taste of Oberon is the first taste of spring.

We don't have it quite as hard in Kansas City as the upper peninsula folks so we may not deserve the sublime spring taste of Oberon, but Bell's has supplied us with it. Go pick up a sixer for the weekend, watch some baseball, eat some peanuts, work in the garden or watch the Final Four. Spring is here*, Oberon is here.

*I know Oberon is the summer seasonal, but brewery seasonals appear a full season too early now. So when I feel like it, I'm going to call some seasonals the season they appear in.

Bell's is only available on the Missouri side of the state line. I've verified that Royal on State Line and Gomer's South has it, but any liquor store in Missouri that carries Bell's beer should have it now. Pick some up when you go to one of the Gomer's tastings tonight.  In the obscure trivia department, Bell's Oberon was the first beer I ever had at The Flying Saucer.

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