Blind Gomer

Gomer's Midtown is having a beer tasting tonight from 4-6. But, it's not just any beer tasting, it's a blind tasting. We, at Gents, have a good time with blind tastings, it really takes away your preconceptions with certain beers. Gomer's Midtown isn't quite doing it Gents style, but theirs is pretty interesting as well. You'll get a pour of beer and then it's up to you to identify the style and country of origin. Sounds like fun and I imagine it will be tougher than you think it is.

The tasting is free so if you're in the neighborhood there really isn't any reason to not drop by. If you're really interested you may even plan to drive across town. If you're in the south part of town, Gomer's South has a weekly free tasting from 4-6. This week's tasting is the beers of North Coast, which includes the simply wonderful Old Rasputin.

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