Lagunitas Feeds Us

As we were sitting down last night for our first beer at Gents last night I got a phone call. I normally wouldn't take a call while at Gents, but this one, from a person who knows things and likes to share them with me was not to wait. I'm glad I took it because the news was good.

We will be getting 2 new Lagunitas brands in KC, Imperial Stout and Kronik Censored Rich Copper Ale. While I'm a little disappointed we're not getting Maximus and Pils, but excited we get 2 new beers to drink.

I'm most excited about this because we did this. You went out and requested Lagunitas at every liquor store you went to. They listened and now Lagunitas can be found in nearly every liquor store in town. We would not be getting these 2 new beers if we hadn't expanded the demand for Lagunitas in town. We still aren't done until the hoppy wonderfulness of Maximus and Pils touches my lips. But, this is a good sign.

Censored and Imperial Stout just got label approval and should be in stores soon. Wilco Tango Foxtrot is hitting stores this week so pick some up as well as the rest of the Gnarlywine that's still out there. I'm a little sad to see Gnarlywine go, it's become one of my favorite Lagunitas beers. If you love the Cappuccino Stout, it's on tap at The Riot Room and Swagger right now. I had 3 pints at $3 each at Swagger on Saturday night and they were wonderful.

Good job KC.

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