Beer for the Weekend - Le Terroir

New Belgium Le Terroir, a sour wood aged beer, has hit KC. Sour and wood aged gives Le Terroir a really high score on the official International Board of BGBM Values BGBM meter. It barely registers on my personal BGBM since it's 100% barrel aged and not 46% resulting in a very low (E) in my BGBM meter. Also, wood aged is no longer rare so the (u) or uniqueness of style is in a drastic freefall. But, sour and wood aged together certainly make it pretty unique and well worth a try for the well conditioned beer geek.

Le Terroir may also be a good beer for the KU fan in your life as the beer's sourness will pair wonderfully with KU's sourness after another early exit in the NCAA tourney (think UNLV).

Gomer's Midtown and Royal State Line have it in limited quantities. You may have to ask for it and it may very well be worth your while.

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