Friday, September 3, 2010

The BGBM Meter

A special congratulations are in order for McCoy's Public House for their perfect score on the Beer Geek Buzzword Meter. In case you haven't heard of it, the Beer Geek Buzzword Meter (the BGBM) measures just how much a beer geek's adrenaline is increased at the mere mention of a beer's name. A higher score is attained by stringing together words that may seem like nonsense to non beer geeks but have very specific meaning to beer geeks. The equation is (R)more rare the word (ingredient or method) * (D)deliciousness of the word when applied / (i)instances of the word used in beers * (E)exoticness of the ingredient or method to the power of (u)usage of the word in everyday normal people's language or the most nonsensical use of an everyday word. 
RD/i * E^u
The International Board of BGBM Values (YMTND, the acronym is Belgian) meets 4 times a year to determine the value of each beer buzzword to keep the BGBM as relevant and accurate as possible. The previous title holder was Founder's Canadian Breakfast Stout with a total score of 1745, impressive indeed when you take into account most beers fail to score anything more than 850.

McCoy's has really delivered a blow to Founder's Canadian Breakfast Stout with their new beer, Sorachi Ace Randall Hopped Pale. The Sorachi Ace Randall Hopped Pale scores a perfect 1868 on the BGBM. Sorachi Ace (a new Japanese originated breed of hop) is the highest ranked word on the BGBM scale this quarter. Randall Hopped (a method of hopping beer developed by Dogfish Head where hops are continuously during the boiling process) was briefly the highest ranked word on the BGBM for 2 quarters in 2006 and is now third (barrel aged is second in case you were wondering). The combination of these 2 ingredients/methods gives it an i of 1 and the use of the word Randall makes u = 5 the highest value available for u. Hans Bobek of the YMTND, when informed of the name McCoy's chose immediately declared the name "Viagra for beer geeks".

The Sorachi Ace Randall Hopped Pale is now available at McCoy's Public House in Westport. For more info on the record setting beer check out the McCoy's blog here.


  1. That is not what Randall-hopped means.

  2. Randall the Enamel Animal is/was a DFH tube thing they "invented" to get more hop flavor into a beer. Basically it's a tube packed with hops that beer is then cycled through before it goes into your glass.

    The Railroaders had a similar contraption in Omaha that was packed full of watermelon chunks. It worked like you'd expect such a thing to work

  3. Apparently my remembrance of what Randall hopping is is flawed. I thought someone would complain about the equation not returning a valid number before someone complained about me screwing up something like that.

  4. You have misunderestimated the internet sir, this is not a blog post you will soon forget!

  5. I think I would enjoy the math complaints much more than the brewing process complaints.

  6. Funny timing, I wore my Pliny the Elder hoodie to work today. "No Randall, No Problem". :P