Imperial Stout Day

Today's the day for Boulevard Imperial Stout to be rereleased into the KC wild. This magnificent beast, last seen in 2009, is an endangered species with a very limited supply. You can posess one with a $12-$15 donation to your local package or grocery store. Boulevard Imperial Stout will give you a stout that is 54% ale, and 46% barrel aged ale. I've developed a new rule based on my aversion to barrel aged beers and the wonderful taste of Boulevard Imperial Stout, 46% barrel aged mixed with 54% regular, is the perfect mix. Any beer that is more than 46% barrel aged may still be shunned by me.

Boulevard Imperial Stout should definitely not be shunned. While it won't get the mainstream fanfare and desperation that Chocolate Ale brought to town, Imperial Stout in the wild is more deserving of the hype. Plus, it even has chocolate flavors but paired with a little bit of a whiskey burn countered with some sweetness that makes the whole endeavor worthwhile. This beast is dangerous at 11% ABV, any bottles you get should probably be shared.

Get your Boulevard Imperial Stout today or as soon as possible, because it won't last long. You'll be rewarded with a wonderful drinking experience. Help out your fellow beer travelers by calling out in comments where you got yours and the price or heading over to OnTapKC and logging said info there. You can also follow me on Twitter (@bullevard) or become a fan of KC Beer Blog on Facebook. I'll try to keep all of these updated throughout the day so you can find your very own wild beast Boulevard Imperial Stout.

Disclosure: I received a free bottle of Boulevard Imperial Stout from a source interested in selling more Boulevard Imperial Stout. This freebie did not influence my review, the wonderful taste did. But, you can be the judge of that.

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