The Rotation

On the way home from work I made a stop at Tipsy's for my weekend beer supply. I knew I was going to get a sixer of Boulevard Single Wide IPA but didn't know what the second sixer was going to be. After perusing the selection for a minute I decided upon the Schlafly No. 15. I had promised to add the No. 15 to the rotation and I've made good on that promise. As I was checking out the clerk said to the other clerk "you notice this combination coming up a lot?". He had, they're apparently selling alot of the two beers.

Since the first time I tasted the Single Wide on tap at Harry's I was kind of lukewarm to it. Then when I had it again a couple of weeks later I liked it a little better. When it came out in sixers a couple of weeks ago I fell in love. I think it tastes better out of the bottle (and poured into a glass of course, I'm not some sort of savage) and I've heard others espouse the same view. Now, the Single Wide IPA is a prominent member of the rotation, maybe like a #3 starter in baseball. The Schlafly No. 15 is my #4 starter. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is Eduardo Villacis in this analogy.

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