Saturday, December 13, 2008

Single Wide

Stella sent the kids to Grandma's this weekend so we had a night on the town last night. She knew I wanted to hit Harry's Country Club so I could try the new Boulevard Single Wide IPA and she's in love with the $10 sangria pitcher on the happy hour. So we made plans to meet up with Wes Port about 4:30 at Harry's. I got to the bar and was the first one there so I sat down in my favorite spot at the bar, to the immediate right of the far row of taps. The friendly bartender greeted me and asked what he could get me. I did not, as is my want, inquire about specials. Oh no, I was here for the Single Wide. I believe that I was more excited to purchase a Single Wide than anyone in history.

The friendly bartender offered no comment or inquiry into my purchase, which surprised me a tad. As he pulled the tap handle, I could smell the hops. As he brought the pint glass over I thought I had been transported to a pine forest in Switzerland. The Single Wide is a beautiful light color that looked an awful lot like a Boulevard Pale Ale (it was pretty dark in Harry's so I don't have great descriptors for the color, quite frankly I don't really care too much). I had seen earlier in the day a comment something to the effect of 'it's like brushing your teeth with a hop'. It had a ton of hop bitterness and didn't have any sweet balance, yet it was still quite enjoyable. But it did leave a bad taste at the back of my throat that wouldn't go away no matter how much I drank it. Overall, it may have been just a little too hoppy.

When Wes got to the bar he sat down and ordered a Single Wide. I think his impression was the same as mine, a fine beer with a lot of hops, but not one our favorites. It's a good addition to the Boulevard family of fine products and fills a void from their offerings. I think over the summer or with a plate of tacos, I might really enjoy this beer and rave about it. But on a mild winter day, it didn't blow me out of the water. Neither of us ordered another the rest of the night (and a long night it was, more to come on that though). Go out, give it a try and let us know what you think.

I've started to compile a little list of bars that have the Single Wide on tap, this is not an exhaustive list.
Harry's Country Club
Firefly Lounge
Barley's Brewhaus
Pizza 51
Waldo Pizza


  1. I recollect that I like the beer. I remember it had a strong fragrance of hops. Other than that, it is all a blur. After the Irish car-bomber I guess my brain must have purged the ole' palate memory cache.

  2. Thanks for the notice! We went to Barley's in the OP to get a pint and they didn't have it. So we trekked all the way out to Shawnee in search of the Single-Wide. Hands down, best IPA made in this part of the country. But hey, my IPA affinity developed in the PNW so I love me a bitter, citrusy ale. Centennial hops, anyone?

    I've been skeptical of Boulevard since their Wheat & PA are so prevalent ... and uninspiring. Bully Porter's fantastic, Lunar is delicious, Zon isn't bad, and everything in Smokestack is worth a shout. Here's hoping that Single-Wide receives at least as much distribution as their Wheat and PA. It's worth it, and it's good to see a quality IPA coming out of KC. HURRAH@

  3. I prefer a bit more balance with my IPAs, but I am definitely happy any time Boulevard expands its line.

    If IPA doesn't quite feel "in season", I would encourage all readers to head to McCoy's or the Foundry in the near future.

    Last night, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon two seasonals I really enjoyed. The WestPorter was very nice, and the Ursa Major Imperial Stout was exceptional. I would put it up against Yeti or Old Rasputin, and I LOVE those two beers. The Imperial Stout may be the best beer McCoy's has ever done.

  4. I was at the Waldo Pizza Tap Room on Saturday and they denied that they had Single Wide. Has anyone actually drunk one there?

  5. O'Dowd's has Single Wide pints for $2.75 during happy hour M-F 4:00 - 7:00.

  6. Charlie Hooper's has Single Wide as well.

  7. Glad to see Blvd has a regular (non-Smokestack) IPA, although frankly, I've always thought their Pale Ale was damn near as hoppy as an IPA. I trust this will get down to TX, but as long as I'm already here in KC this week, I'll hunt some down.

    (Hey cool - my verification word is "wedalcru." I wonder if that's like a grand cru?

  8. Pizzaria Uno on the Plaza has it. I liked it fine -- but it seemed a bit, flat and a little sweeter than I'd want in an IPA.

    Thrilled with it nonetheless.