Monday, February 9, 2009

Single Wide Sixers

Boulevard's new IPA, the Single Wide IPA, is going to be available in six packs tomorrow. As always, check in Missouri first, I know Gomer's Midtown is expecting it tomorrow. When you see it, as we do around here, call out the location and price in the comments.

I'm interested in tasting it in bottles. I really liked it on tap the second time I tried it, the first time I wasn't much in the mood for an IPA.


  1. Great news!

    Now where the F is the Sierra Nevada Torpedo?!?

  2. Got some at Gomer's Midtown for $6.99. Be warned, they did not have any in the color or out in plain open. If you look in the doorway to the left of the beer fridge's you will see it sitting out.

  3. When I was there about 4 they had Single Wide in the cooler.

  4. I was there at 2:30. It's for the best since the cold ones would have just warmed in my car.