Jalapeno Bacon Vodka

I found this wonderful bit of inspired cocktail making because some Canadian did a Google search for "bacon infused". I loved the hopefulness of the query so I went about a bacon infused search as well. What would I find in this great Google search? Bacon infused bourbon certainly, but what else could be bacon infused? Well I'll tell you, bacon infused vodka. But wait, not only bacon infused but jalapeno infused as well. This vodka will presumably make one fantastic Monday morning pick me up Bloody Mary.

I think the basic rules of bacon infused liquors apply here. Although for some reason all the recipes I see don't include eating the bacon, which is a drawback. Instead you are to soak 3 or 4 slices of bacon in a pint of vodka. Add a halved jalapeno, and let sit in a dark cabinet for a week. Freeze it overnight, open it up and pull the bacon and jalapeno out then strain through a coffee filter to get the congealed bacon fat out.

You have my permission to overdrink next Saturday night, get up Sunday, make your Batter Blaster pancakes and pull out your mason jar of jalapeno bacon infused vodka and prepare the most kick ass morning after since that time you found out you did use a condom when you slept with your sister.

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