Batter Blaster

Batter Blaster is pancake/waffle batter in an aerosol can (like Cheez Wiz). All you have to do is shake, point and spray and you are on your way to cooking up a fresh batch of pancakes/waffles. Oh and it's organic, if that's important to you.

From the moment I heard of Batter Blaster on the Big O and Dukes show (yes, I listen to radio shows on my iPod all day, if you want to hear the funniest segment ever click here.) I knew that I had to have some. I went to their website and tried to find where I could buy some. Costco is the only place in the metro that carries Batter Blaster.

I had another inspired idea, write to the company and get some shipped to me for free. Yep, that's how I roll. I got my Batter Blaster the next day. This morning, I cooked up a batch of pancakes for myself and the kids. Aside from needing one of those molding rings to keep the batter from spreading too far and ending up with a crepe*, the Batter Blaster is miraculously easy.

*Crepes are fine by me. I spread some Nutella on the mutant pancake and it was great. Quit snickering, I'm part French, I'm allowed to like crepes.

The pancakes actually tasted great too, better than Bisquick mix or frozen (shudder). I think this is a great product for those that may have a couple of drinks and want something to eat when they get home (I'm just imagining this scenario, I have no first hand experience). I can't imagine pancakes any easier than this. I'm going to try making some green onion fritters, apple fritters and funnel cakes out of the rest of my can of Batter Blaster. Then I'm sure I will pick up a 3 pack at Costco.

Below is Regis and Kelly trying out the Batter Blaster.

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