Snowed In

You're down to the dregs of your beer fridge, the beer you tried and didn't really like. The snow is piling up outside, you're not leaving the house for until tomorrow, but you want to get your drink on. The KCMO snow plow crews are falling behind, the streets are nearly impassable. At the very least a 5 minute drive will take at least 30 minutes. Is it worth it to drive an extra 30 minutes to get to the bigger liquor store? You can probably walk* to your neighborhood store and back in 20 minutes. What should you get?

*For the Johnson Countians, walking is an activity where you don't use your car to get where you want to go. You simply walk out your door and continue walking until you get where you wanted to go. It is necessary to use a car or other transportation methods to travel long distances, but often times, it is possible to go a short distance by just walking. Try it sometime, you may like it.

I went to my local store yesterday just to scout out what they have. A smaller liquor store often has the most random collection of beers imaginable. Mine didn't have any Lagunitas which would obviously be my first choice. A sixer of Lagunitas Pale Ale, Hairy Eyeball, Brown Shugga' or a couple of bombers of Gnarly Wine would certainly get you through a day snowed in. But, that's simply not an option.

Any store will have the full complement of Boulevard beers. This is nice weather to pick up a sixer of Boulevard Amber or Bully! Porter. Plus it's in a nice sturdy box to carry home if you're walking. The Boulevard could certainly survive a fall or two on your walk back home. If you want a couple of big bottles, being snowed in is certainly a great excuse to drink a couple of bottles of Sixth Glass.

If you're lucky enough to find a sixer of Great Divide Hoss at the neighborhood store, you'll be the better for it. Hoss is a great beer to drink in the afternoon and watch the snow. Plus, it's light enough to taste wonderful after 30 minutes scooping your driveway and sidewalks. Also, there's a chance your store might have a bomber of Great Divide Yeti. Two of those are easy enough to carry home and will certainly keep you happy in your home.

As mentioned last week, Goose Island Honker Ale is a wonderful beer to have around. And if all else fails, Honker is sold in all but the most incompetent liquor stores.

It's a great day to spend drinking if you've got 'em. There's no reason to not go out and get 'em if you're out of options in your house..

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