Bully! Porter

I've been drinking and enjoying Boulevard Bully Porter lately. We in the Vard mansion have been buying the Boulevard variety packs lately. If you go to the right places in town, you can still get Boulevard Irish Ale in the variety pack, sometimes you lose and get Zon instead (I'm not a fan).

When I first moved to KC after college, my recently graduated roommates and I were on a quest to try new beers. In college we had progressed from Milwaukee's Best Light to Coors Light to Labatt's Blue. In those days, there wasn't much choice, just American Lagers, Pete's, Sam Adams and imports. Since we had moved to KC, we were very loyal to the local brewer, Boulevard. I'm not certain, but I don't think Boulevard was available in Wichita when I was in college, so it was all new to me.

The first thing we tried was Boulevard Pale Ale and it didn't really take for me. Tanner's, which is where we went EVERY night, had Boulevard Wheat on tap and that did take with me. But, it still wasn't firing on all cylinders with me. I finally tried Bully Porter and it was a home run. I loved it, I got to say "bully" alot which is a bonus and I spoke with an English accent for weeks upon trying it. For about a year, I considered Bully Porter to be my favorite beer.

Then, stupidly, I moved back to Wichita for a girl (like Shea) and didn't have much access to Bully Porter. I continued trying other beers, became a fan of Pale Ales, then eventually IPA's. I'd been into such hoppy beers for several years that I had forgotten my gateway, Bully Porter. Now with these variety packs, even with it being so hot outside, I've really been looking forward to drinking the Bully Porters.

I feel like Bully may be the forgotten Boulevard and it may be the best one. Even for someone who likes a hoppy beer. So go out and pick up a sixer (leave the variety packs for me, Stella loves her some Irish) and rediscover the wonderful Bully Porter.

Bully! Indeed.

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