Saturday, August 1, 2009

Best of KC Beer Blog

All of you KC Beer Blog's regular readers may not know that we consulted on a story in this morning's KC Star about glassware, beer and such. Again, it should come as no surprise some of the beers mentioned as favorites in the article are beers we've written about somewhat extensively on this site. But for all of the new, prospective readers unsuspectingly clicking on a link at the Star, we thought it might be a good idea to link up some of our fun reviews for the beers mentioned in the article.

Schlafly No. 15
Boulevard Single Wide - I've really warmed up to it as temperatures rose and now it's one of my favorites.
Boulevard Bully Porter
Boulevard Pilsner - If you read one thing on this site, read this one.
La Fin du Monde - It's the beer I couldn't remember the name of in the post.
Boulevard Sixth Glass
Boulevard Long Strange Trippel

If you read the reviews above you may have figured out that we like to keep it fun and light up in here, no dry, boring reviews of every tasting note. Some of our other favorite posts are linked below.

Beer Roster - We compared our favorite beers to Royals of the past and present.
What Makes a Good Happy Hour
Boulevard Luncheon
Bull E. Vard and the Boulevard Factory
Red Front
Red Balloon Bar and Grill
Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad review
The 10 KC bars You Must Visit

If you want some other good, local beer sites, you can check the sidebar to the left under Local Beer Feeds which is a list of the sites I read regularly. The ones listed below are friends that I've shared a beer with. If you don't like what's written on here and are interested in beer, these four might be more up your alley.

KC Hop Head
Wort Hog - In my opinion, the most knowledgeable and informative KC beer blogger
Beer Girl - Our first beer friend.
By the Pint - I haven't actually had a beer with him, but he's comprehensive and interesting.

In short, click around, maybe you find something interesting, maybe you are horrified you were ever on our site. In any case, drink good beer and you'll be happy.


  1. I can't believe you let her use your real name,Mr.Founder of this here blog.

  2. I am not the founder of the KC Beer Blog.

  3. I imagine the merch sales spiking with this boon of publicity.

  4. Did you bother to proofread the article? The "pint" is really a Weissbier glass--appears mismatched in beer styles; Pilsner wasn't the classic shape; shown with Boulevard Pilsner but captioned Boulevard Two Jokers, etc...
    Better sources of information on glasses are, or "Tasting Beer" by Randy Mosher.

  5. Anonymous, I had no input into the article other than the beers chosen and which glassware could be used for which beer. I had not seen the glassware featured in the article.

  6. Thanks for the link! Sounds like we need to get a beer sometime, you're buying right?

  7. Technically we haven't had a drink together either yet :)
    Thanks for the link. I'm a little scared that I don't have a comment next to mine though :)
    And you're right, between Mr. & Mrs. Worthog, they're probably the most knowledgable.