Bourbon Barrel Quad

Ahh, the Bourbon Barrel Quad(BBQ). I must say that I enjoy the idea of brews aged in bourbon barrels much more than I actually enjoy brews aged in bourbon barrels. Usually they end up tasting much more like bourbon than they do of beer. Not that bourbon tastes bad, but if I want a beer I want it to taste like beer.

I started my BBQ journey today at 7 AM when I woke up and read an email from Boulevard announcing the release of the Single Wide IPA and BBQ. I spent the morning calling around liquor stores trying to find one that had the BBQ today. It turns out that I was going to have to go to Missouri, and on my work from home day, my celebrated day where I don't have to cross the border. But I sacrificed so I could have some BBQ this evening. I picked up my bottle at the midtown Gomer's for $11.99.

When I got back home I stored my BBQ in the fridge. I let it sit until 6:15 when I pulled it out. But I waited until 6:45 to pop the cork, leaving the beer at about 50 degrees. I poured it into my Boulevard Smokestack Series glassware (you'd think Beer Girl would get herself some). It poured a nice reddish brown color with a nice sized head that dissipated pretty quickly. There were smells of oak, bourbon, cherry and malt. The smell made me pretty happy.

After the head settled I took my first sip. The flavor is almost overwhelming. I'm a big fan of the Sixth Glass (the brew the BBQ is derived from). I wasn't sure it was possible but the BBQ hits 8 flavor spots in the mouth, top, bottom, back, front. It 's just a gigantic mouthful, kind of like Peter North. I've heard such about smoking weed that you feel the first inhale in your head. Well, the BBQ does give your head a bit of a shiver, you definitely know you're drinking something with a kick. I knew Sixth Glass was a high alcohol beer but I didn't think about that when I picked up the BBQ. Well, the BBQ has a 11.75% alcohol content and should be best enjoyed with a buddy.

After my first goblet full of BBQ, I was surfing around Facebook. I left an inappropriate comment on David Pinto's Facebook page about Kyle Farnsworth (baseball's best looking player). I friended a girl who drank when presented with the question “I never slept with someone in a trailer” in a game of I Never while we were in college. I sent Chimpotle funny, yet inappropriate direct messages on Twitter. In short, I was doing some drunk dialing in the modern age.

While I don't enjoy the Bourbon Barrel Quad as much as I enjoy the Saison-Brett, it's certainly a great beer. I think they complement each other for a special occasion such as Christmas, Easter or Hannukah. If you're going to have a houseful a couple of open bottles of Saison-Brett and Bourbon Barrel Quad would surely make your guests happy. The BBQ is an exceptional beer when stacked up against any other brewery's offerings but it's not the best Boulevard offering. I still put the Saison-Brett, Sixth Glass and Long Strange Trippel ahead of it, but if you're looking for a full flavored strong beer, the BBQ is the beer for you.

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