Short Pours: The best selling beers in America!

Bud Light the #1 selling beer in America
What are the top 6 beers in the good ole’ U.S.A? I’m betting that 95% of the readers can guess 4 of the top 7. Spoiler alert!!!

Bud light, Miller Light, Coors light, and Budweiser are on this list. 

For 2019, the data has finally been released and again the top selling beer is Bud Light despite their sales dropping 5%, and they were still able to double up their nearest competitor. Coming in at #2 was Michelob Ultra increasing sales of 18%. Seeing Mich Ultra here was a little bit of a surprise, but considering how much marketing they have put into the beer lately it makes sense. Number 3 was Coors Light, and after that the list gets a little interesting.

I would have lost a lot of money if you bet me that Modelo Especial would outsell both Miller Light and Budweiser, but it came in at #4. Fifth was Miller light with a 2 billion market cap. Finally number 6 and 7 had a virtual tie at $1.8 billion and they were Budweiser and Corona.

 I knew the Mexican beers have been growing in popularity, but I didn’t realize they were this damn popular.  This just goes to show you that the multinational-conglomerate, watered-down, cheap-beer, isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The numbers mentioned above are for off-premise sales, meaning gas stations, liquor stores, etc., not restaurants or bars. 

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Beer                                      Sales                                 Percentage Change   
Bud Light                             $5 Billion                         -5%
Michelob Ultra                     $2.3 Billion                     +18%
Coors Light                          $2.2 Billion                      -1.5%
Modelo Especial                  $2.1 Billion                      +18.8%
Miller Light                         $2.0 Billion                      +1.6%
Budweiser                            $1.8 Billion                      -4%
Corona Extra                        $1.8 Billion                     +2.4%

Brett A. Myces

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