A perfect Saturday: A brew, some ‘Cue, and a great view

A pour of the Stout
After the success of Who Wants a Road Trip last summer, I've decided to set up another day trip for the people out there that need something to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon or a cozy romantic date. The first stop is Stockyards Brewery. Their beer is quite tasty, with Cerveza Royale being my favorite. Plus this brewery has the best bar and interior decor in the city. It is housed in the iconic Golden Ox building. The Golden Oxe first opened in 1948 and was a mainstay in the West bottoms until it’s unfortunate closure in 2014, luckily it has recently re-opened. Most of the decor in the bar appears to be original and takes you back to when your parents were out bar hopping.
The sign to Stockyards
A picture directly from the bar
If beer is not your thing, then stop by the Amigoni urban winery just down the street. While you are in the West bottoms make sure to pay homage to the Arena formerly known as Kemper,. Kemper, now Hy-Vee Arena, is best known its years of hosting great college basketball tournaments, and unfortunately as the arena where the wrestler Owen Hart tragically fell to his death.

Who wants a feast #MeThinksMeLikes
After the brew, the next stop is for some ‘Cue. Check out Slap’s BBQ in Kansas City, Kansas. Their founders are two brothers who decided to open a restaurant after forming a successful BBQ competition team “Squeal like a pig.” They have been open since 2014, and the food is delicious.  It is a no frills restaurant, but that is all you need when the food is this good. Slap’s definitely belongs on Kansas City BBQ Mount Rushmore. They only smoke a finite amount of food for the day, and once it is gone, it is gone, so get there early. Make sure to order a side of the baked potato salad, it is served warm and is melt in your mouth delicious.

Next time I'm going to wear this belt 
Now it is time for the view section of your day. Since Slap’s was packed when I showed up, I took the food to-go, and ended up at St.John’s park in KCK. It is directly across the street from the Strawberry Hill mansion and museum. The park has a perfect view of downtown, and if the weather is right, it is a great place to enjoy your ‘Cue, and maybe a make-out session if you are lucky.
The front entrance of Colonial Club

Finally, we have a one last brew. I suggest stopping at the quaint Colonial Club bar, located at 322 N 6th St, Kansas City, Kansas. It is not really a craft beer bar, but goes along with the authentic retro theme of Stockyards. Colonial has 80’s and 90’s themed weekend parties, an original Pac-Man game, vintage beer signs, breweriana items throughout, and even an old school Nintendo with a plethora of games they will let you play.  If you are still somehow hungry after your feast at Slaps, Colonial has a pizza menu. Feeling kind of crazy and want to enjoy more than one beer at each of these stops, then entire trip is extremely uberable. Check out the rest of the pictures below.  If anyone knows the @$$hole that stole their sign, let them know.
The sign that was stolen by some jerkface

Brett A. Myces

An awesome vintage mural at Stockyards
A picture from Stockyards
Stockyards' Menu
You knew a vintage urinal picture was needed

Picture of what the original building looked like
The left side of the menu

The right side of the menu

A few of the many awards

Colonial Club Decor
My Pale Ale at Colonial

Retro shooting game
Notice the Nintendo game up top

Pizza Menu

Vintage decor at the Colonial Club Bar

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