Who wants a road trip?

I know most of you folks probably think the only thing good north of the river is the airport, but believe it or not there are 9 breweries and counting north of the river.   If you are looking for something to do for nice day trip up north, that doesn’t include Weston, I’ve got the perfect trip for you.  The first stop is Dubious Claims brewery in Excelsior Springs.  It is a short walk from the historic Elms hotel, where Harry Truman spent the night of his presidential election.   The brewery is located in a revitalized historic building with 8 of their own beers and several guest taps available.  My personal favorite was the Vitality Vienna, a 4.8% ABV Vienna lager.  They have a full menu, and serve hand crafted pizza.

Flight of beer from Dubious Claims and a picture of the bar

The next stop is the small town of Polo, Missouri located 25 miles north.  Stop at the Casey’s gas station and get a Casey’s pizza to-go, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.  Their pizza is the stuff of legend in small-town America.

The final stop is Levi Garrison and Sons Brewery in Hamilton.  The brewery was formerly known as Ninja Moose Brewery, but after being threatened with trademark infringement from Moosehead Brewery in Canada, the name was changed to Levi Garrison.  They generally have 10 different beers on tap, and you can have food delivered from a couple of local restaurants in town.  They have been open since 2014 and have slowly and organically grown from brewing 25 barrels in 2014 to currently 164 barrels so far in 2018.  My favorite beer is their Second Amendment Amber Ale.  You can find their beers on draft the Hy-Vee in Liberty, Broadway Bar and Grill in Excelsior Springs, and other random bars in the Northland.   Feel free to leave any comments on other places to find their beers.  The best part of a visit to Hamilton, is if you have someone who isn’t into drinking you can drop them off at Missouri Star Quilting Company to make a quilt. 

The total drive from Excelsior to Hamilton is 39 miles, and if you want to make an entire weekend of the trip, Hamilton has multiple Bed and Breakfasts and a newly renovated hotel, or you can take the trip in reverse and stay at the Elms.
New Levi Garrison Sign

Old Ninja Moose Sign

Past and current brewery production at Levi Garrison

History of Levi Garrison's name

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