Sweetwater is finally here!

Sweetwater Banner
Like any normal beer nerd, I can clearly remember my first craft beer romance. That beer was Sweetwater 420. It was the fall of 2006, and I had moved to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Emory University. I had just received my student loan check, giving me disposable income for the first time in my life.  Being a responsible student I decided to cash the check, and meet some of my new friends at a restaurant named Taco Mac. Taco Mac has amazing bar food and had over 80 beers on draft, which was almost unheard of at the time.  They are a regional chain in the Atlanta area, so if you are ever in Georgia make sure to check out their food and beer.  All the people wanted to talk about is this Sweetwater stuff, so I decided to give it a try and it was amazing. I soon started collecting Sweetwater beer signs, banners, pint glasses, and anything else I could find. After I moved back to Kansas City, I was broken hearted that I could not find it locally, but still got my fix from the occasional visit to their distribution areas of Georgia, Tennessee, or Chicago. Now, thanks to a press release from KSDK in St. Louis, their beer is arriving in Missouri on August 6th. Sweetwater is first appearing in the St. Louis metro area, with the rest of the state to follow.

The logo for the legendary Sweetwater 420
Sweetwater has an extra pale ale as their flagship named 420, after the birthday of one of the founder’s mother. They were also one of the first breweries in the Southwest to have a year-round blueberry ale. In 2017 they were the 15th largest craft brewery in the United States, just ahead of New Glarus. The founders are active in the outdoors, and do a lot of fundraising to protect and preserve the environment and wilderness habitats, hence the jumping trout on their logo. Another thing you will notice, is their very catchy names for beer past and present such as: Donkey Punch, Hummer, Motor Boat, Happy Ending, Grass Monkey, Sch'wheat, Sweet Georgia Brown, Take 2 Pils, and their Dank Tank series.

I've also added some pictures of the Sweetwater beer signs, proudly on display at the Myces household, so you can familiarize yourselves with their logos and signage.  As one of their numerous slogans goes, "Cheers to heady beers!"

Now that Sweetwater and Dogfish Head are in Missouri, that makes two-thirds of the Myces beer trinity.  Hopefully Yuengling will arrive soon and the trinity will be complete.  What is the craft beer  trinity for some of the other beer nerds out there?

A few of their Dank Tank bottles

Some framed Sweetwater labels

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