3 Reasons Why I Love the Craft Beer Community Today

I was having a pity party last week when I wrote my Cry for Help blog post. But the response to the post was so rad from all of you that I have a renewed faith and excitement about craft beer in KC and this blog! Thank you to everyone who reached out, it means a lot to me. And as one of you so eloquently put in the subject line of your email to me: 'F' That Dude. I also had about a half dozen people message me wanting to pitch in on the blog. I have yet to get back to most of you, but you will be hearing from me soon! This is the first reason I'm loving the community today.

Second reason I'm loving the craft beer community today is that half of the people who contacted me about helping out with the blog are women. I've tried hard over the years to be inclusive of women and minorities in the community as have a lot of other people. I'm happy to finally see people other than white guys coming into the fold!

Code Beer from Lincoln, NE
Another story of how awesome our community is something that happened to me a little while ago but something I was thinking about amidst all this. Last August I was in Lincoln, NE for a work trip. And, of course, work trip=beer tour. Lincoln has some stand out breweries that have been around for a while like my favorites Zipline (who so graciously gave me a tour of their brewery that I was never able to actually write up in the long post that it deserved!) and Boiler Brewing Co.

But on this trip I was trying something new. Code Beer Company had just opened a couple weeks before and I wanted to try it out. Now, I try not to be a pompous ass going around and trying to convince everyone that I'm an important blogger (unless I've had too many beers already). So I didn't tell them anything about the blog. The beers they were making were pretty damned awesome, they had a very cool atmosphere, the place was filled with cool people, and the bartender was super nice.

When I left, I was hoping to get a sticker to put on the kegerator at home. To my dismay, they had just run out of all their stickers not expecting the huge demand that they had just opening. So the bartender wrote down my name & address on a post-it note behind the bar and said that she'd send me some stickers when they had more in. I though, yea right, that's never going to happen, and promptly forgot about it. Lo and behold, a couple months later, a letter shows up at my house with a half dozen Code Beer stickers in it. What an awesome gesture that they saved my address all that time and actually went to the trouble of physically mailing me stickers.

Couldn't be prouder to be a part of this community. Keep being rad!

Code Beer Co mailed these stickers to my house after they got a new batch in. Well played, Code. 

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