Yes, This Is a Cry for Help

I got an email tonight that really got under my skin. Because I'm not an asshole like Richard, I marked out his last name that he so proudly signed. I really considered posting it, but that's just mean. Here's his nice email to me:

I don't like to be a crybaby, so I don't talk a lot about why I haven't been posting on the blog much lately. But for some reason I felt the need to let Richard know, and I thought, hell, why not just tell everyone. I have 2 kids now--one is 8 months old and the other 3 years old. They're the light of my life but god do they demand my time. I also have a demanding "real" job where I work about 45-55 hours every week. The last couple months have been extra tough to get anything done besides work, change diapers, and sleep because I fucking got pneumonia, and then right when I got over that, my grandfather died. We're still going through his things.

I kindly pointed out to Richard, that I would LOVE some help with the blog. I'd even LOVE for someone to take it over like he said. I still like contributing, and would like to continue to do so when I can. But I've been at this for 4 years now, and in that time I've been through more than a dozen co-contributors, so I know how it goes. Some have lasted a long time and made huge contributions, especially Kyle Black and Ryan Caldwell. But the majority have written 2 or 3 posts and then disappeared. People pretty quickly realize what a shit gig this is.

This post will be my 140th post on the blog. Each post usually takes around 5 to 10 hours of time to put together. Between these posts, trying to maintain the events calendar, and maintaining the beer map and guide, I've easily spent over 1000 hours working on the blog. I've never been paid a single cent for this work. And most of the time, the only people I ever hear from are shitheads like Richard. The reason I've stuck with it this long is because I LOVE beer, I LOVE KC, I LOVE our breweries, and I LOVE all of you other beer lovers and brewers out there (except the shitheads).

If any of you appreciate this blog, and want it to keep going, I NEED HELP. Please let me know if you're up for contributing. You might get into a beer fest for free once or twice a year, and you might get invited to some VIP events every once in a while. That's it. You will work long hours on posts only to hear negative comments in response. Your contribution will not pay for itself, not by a long shot. People will expect a lot from you and you won't be able to deliver. But if you love beer and even remotely like writing, PLEASE contact me and help out the blog. But if you plan on disappearing after 2 posts, don't waste my time.


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