Friday, August 5, 2011

Beer for the Weekend - Doodle Dubbel

At the end of "Saving Private Ryan" (spoiler alert) a dying Captain Miller uses his last words to say to Private Ryan "Earn this". The Captain and his men had just trudged all across France losing their friends along the way to save Private Ryan only to have to give up their lives to allow Private Ryan fulfill what he sees as his duty. I don't really want to equate walking across France in 1944 to the Wilderness Brewing Kickstarter but, a lot of people gave a lot of their money/time/bandwidth to get their Kickstarter fully funded and I'm completely happy that it is. But I say to Mike and Nate of Wilderness Brewing, "Earn This".

Regular readers here know there is another little brewery in town that hasn't asked us to give our money or our time. Doodle Brewing was a long time coming, mostly in complete obscurity and hasn't risen too far above that obscurity in the months since. Doodle only has the one beer, Dubbel, in the market right now. It's a good beer, I've bought it several times. Doodle has asked nothing of us except to give them a chance. So, if you Tweeted, Facebooked, donated, told someone about the Wilderness Kickstarter, why don't you go out and pick up a bottle of Doodle Dubbel to celebrate the success of the Wilderness Brewing kickstarter. That's why Doodle Dubbel is the beer for the weekend, because they've earned it*.

Doodle is only available in Missouri and really only available in larger stores. If you go to a store that doesn't stock it, ask for it. The more people that ask for it, the more stores will carry it and the more the word will get out about Doodle.

*No part of this should be seen as a slight against Mike and Nate, they worked their butts off to get their brewery funded and deserve everything they got. 


  1. I was on board with the Doodle Brewing Company until his beers started making it into liquor stores. I mean, come on, doesn't anyone have convictions anymore? People who shop at Gomer's or Royal Liquor are there to buy beer because they want something that gets them drunk, NOT because they want to experience the beauty of beer. I can't wait for someone to stay true to their roots and make beer for people who will REALLY appreciate it.

  2. Maybe I can give you some pointers.

    I don't capitalize words for emphasis. I rarely make points via rhetorical questions.

    See if you can't do better next time.

  3. I'm going to have to give this one another try. I wasn't too impressed the first time. It didn't seem to have enough of that Belgian spice character for me.

  4. I will Not be giving it another try. It's not that great. I'd rather have something cheaper.

  5. I'm going to head out and by one tonight. Thanks for posting this and Nate and I will continue to encourage people to drink other local beers that aren't our own.