Doodle Dubbel Indubitably Delicious

Since Royal Liquor on 103rd was able to secure a case or two of the elusive Doodle Dubbel (elusive to those scared of the northland like myself) I was able to purchase a bottle over the weekend. I was pretty impressed that it was only $5.49 for a 22 oz. bottle, pretty close in price to Lagunitas on the low end and Boulevard Smokestacks on the high end. That's a pretty good price for a Belgian style beer.

I poured the first of what I hope to be many Doodle Dubbels Saturday night to enjoy with dinner. After getting up from the table to pour kid drinks, get napkins, get salt or whatever else I had to get up for the 5 times before I started in on dinner (if you have kids you understand). By the time I reached out for a drink Stella said that it was really good. In one of my trips away from the dinner table she had snagged a sip. After my first sip I agreed, the Dubbel is really good. It's a little more muted in flavor than other dubbels I've had, it's almost like a bloop double down the line that falls between the SS, 3B and LF rather than a hard double off the wall (forgive me, I'm ready for baseball season). But, the Doodle Dubbel gets you to second base with the flavors of raisin and fig and some malt sweetness, it's just not overwhelming like you'd wish it were. Doodle Dubbel is not quite spot on, but for the price it's not a disappointment. Best of all, even though it just misses being as full flavored as I had hoped, it's very drinkable and tasty. And at around 7% ABV, you can definitely drink a couple of them in a night.

Doodle Dubbel is not very widely available in KC, with only some unknown stores in the northland, Grand Slam Liquors downtown and Royal Liquors on 103rd carrying it. If you're in a Missouri liquor store that doesn't have it, ask for it. If they don't know how to get it refer them to the Doodle website. Nick Vaughn is self distributing so they have to contact him to get some. The Doodle Dubbel needs to gain a dubbel foothold because Boulevard has been tooling around with a dubbel for some time now and they're bound to release it at some point.  So give Doodle a chance so they can print enough labels to get their name spelled right on the label (Boulevard makes label mistakes too, notice the Chocolate and Dark Truth are both #14 of the Smokestack Series).

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